PolyPro III™ Deluxe 5th Wheel Cover
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PolyPro III™ Deluxe 5th Wheel Cover
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Your fifth wheel trailer was an investment that will last for many years to come since you don’t have the hassle of an engine causing you financial trouble. You are able to hook the 5th wheel up to your truck or SUV whenever you are ready to go. The wear and tear on your trailer will deal primarily on where your trailer is parked. If you park under trees you have the problem of tree sap, pollen, and birds. Not to mention the amount of time you will be putting in to wash and wax the exterior. If you park out in the open or on a concrete or asphalt driveway, you will have the problem of damaging UV rays fading, corroding, and cracking the exterior during all seasons not just in the hot summer. Then of course, wherever you park it you must deal with rain. Acid rain or puddles of water that sit in small pockets on the roof will eventually run off and create those unsightly black streaks down the side.

The best way to prevent this from happening is with a Deluxe Poly Pro 3 RV cover. As an RV owner from the areas in the United States that have a good deal of snow & rain in the winter and warm summers, the high quality Poly Pro 3 RV storage cover would be a an excellent choice for a cover for your RV. This cover provides maximum weather protection with a three year warranty. The Poly Pro 3 cover is easy to use, easy to fit, and will add years of weather and UV-resistant protection and value to any RV. The Classic Accessories Deluxe Poly Pro 3 fifth wheel protective covers are designed for wetter climates. The triple-ply “snow cover” keeps out rain and snow. It has a thick, triple-ply Poly Pro 3 top and the single-ply Poly Pro 1 sides that protect against rain, snow, dirt, nicks, and scratches providing protection for your RV in extreme summer and serving as an RV winter cover in the snow and fog regions of the USA. This specially designed breathable, weather-resistant winter cover has multiple zippered panels which allow complete access to all the entrances. The integrated air vent system, combined with a quick drying polypropylene sides, reduces wind stress and vents the inside moisture. The vented design helps to keep the interior of your RV cool during the hot summer days. The tension panels are secured through the use of non-scratch D rings and rope that are laced across the bottom of the fifth wheel to provide a tight secure fit. All corners of the RV cover are reinforced. With a three year warranty the Deluxe Poly Pro 3 Fifth Wheel Cover provides the best RV cover for cold wet weather.

This portable, temporary “garage” can go wherever your 5th wheel goes and provides the best RV cover for cold weather. All RV storage covers come with a stuff sack and ladder caps are included on most. The fifth wheel covers have adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners that provide a custom fit. With the integrated rope attachment system and a provided toss bag you have easy installation which reduces the amount of crawling under the RV to attach the straps. This Classic Accessories Deluxe fifth wheel Poly Pro 3 cover fits 5th wheel trailers up to 117” high when measured from the ground to roof, excluding the AC units. The length measurement includes the bumper and the ladder but not the hitch. To get a better idea about the PolyPro 3 RV cover, chick here to watch a short video about Classic Accessories Poly Pro 3 RV covers.

At RV Covers Protect, we promise to handle your orders in a prompt and friendly manner. The orders are usually invoiced by the warehouse within hours of the order delivery. Once the RV cover is picked up from the warehouse by UPS, you will be emailed the UPS tracking information so that you are prepared to receive your RV cover when it arrives. You will always save money when purchasing from RV Covers Protect because there is always FREE shipping for the Classic Accessories 5th wheel RV covers if you live in the continental, contiguous United States.

PolyPro 3

model 1

model 2

model 3

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model 6

 fits 20'-23' l 5th wheels

fits 23'-26' l 5th wheels

fits 26'-29' l
5th wheels

fits 29'-33' l
5th wheels

fits 33'-37' l
5th wheels

fits 37'-41' l
5th wheels

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Case Wt

30 lbs

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43 lbs

Height measured from ground to roof without including AC units.
Overall length includes bumper and ladder but not hitch.

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