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Since your toy hauler does not have the added expense of mechanical maintenance, you know that your trailer can last for several years but you still want your toy hauler trailer to keep its youthful look for many years. The weather & environment in which you park your RV will determine how long you will be able to maintain that youthful look. The damage created from UV rays will begin to show in a matter of months especially in the south and western regions of the US.  During the winter the rain & snow will damage the travel trailer or fifth wheel toy hauler’s exterior. What you need is an affordable, breathable complete access RV cover that will prevent the moisture from adding mold & mildew to the caulking, gaskets and the roof. If your storage needs require extra strength wind protection or ultimate UV protection then a strong heavy duty woven RV cover is needed to reflect the UV rays and stand up to the windiest days.  

A premier complete access toy hauler RV cover can help to extend the life of your RV, as well as preserve the re-sale value. For the most part, the weather will determine the type of premier protection you will need for your travel trailer or 5th wheel toy hauler. The winter RV covers are made of heavy duty, 3 ply polypropylene material- a fabric that is weather-resistant and water-repellent. This breathable, protective, quick drying fabric protects against mold and mildew and gives a moderate amount to UV protection from the sun. A complete access toy hauler RV storage cover that will be protecting a travel trailer or fifth wheel from wind or the sun & its intense UV rays will need to be made of a woven material. Woven materials, sometimes referred to as ripstop fabric, are strong yet breathable. Ripstop materials are able to protect the RV’s exterior from the most intense UV rays and from gusty heavy winds that cause minor tears that grow into major rips. 

When ordering a complete access toy hauler RV cover you need to first distinguish the body style of the trailer. Both the 5th wheel RV body style and the travel trailer RV offer the garage area in the rear of the trailer that can be used to store and carry your “toys” with you and your family. For most toy hauler owners, a toy hauler cover needs to provide complete access to the garage part of the trailer as well as to the living quarters through zippered panels along the sides and back of your travel trailer or fifth wheel toy hauler trailer. If you don’t care about having complete access through the drop down tail gate in the garage section of the trailer then you might be able to save money with either a travel trailer RV cover or a 5th wheel RV cover depending on the body style of your trailer. These fifth wheel and travel trailer RV covers will only allow access to the doors on the side of the trailer. Whether you purchase a toy hauler travel trailer cover, a premier 5th wheel toy hauler cover, or the standard travel trailer or fifth wheel cover, all the RV storage covers will adjust to the contours of your 5th wheel or travel trailer allowing for easy installation and giving your toy hauler a custom fit. 

RV Covers Protect provides our customers with a choice of four high quality protective complete access toy hauler storage covers. The Poly Pro 1 RV cover is a dust cover with minimum protection and a one year warranty. The two winter storage covers are the Expedition and the Poly Pro 3 which have the three layers of roof protection that creates a breathable toy hauler cover. The Goldline is the best RV cover on the market with a #1 customer rating. It provides ultimate UV protection and is made of woven extra strength fabric that will stand up to the windiest conditions. At RV Covers Protect we also take into account that not all 5th wheel toy haulers are the same. If your toy hauler stands taller than 10 feet you will need the extra tall premier fifth wheel covers that can be used on your toy hauler but will not provide complete access to the utility garage ramp in the back. If you need help deciding which RV cover you need, you should first accurately measure your trailer and then call RV Covers Protect at 912-346-6585 for expert knowledgeable customer service that will lead you to order the right cover the first time.
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