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Protect your Motorhome, 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer from Winter Weather with the Best, New & Improved Snow Cover- the Expedition S2 RV Cover. Here You Will Find a Deluxe Heavy Duty Slip on Storage Cover for Sale at an Affordable Discount Price.

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Expedition S2 5th Wheel RV CoversExpedition S2 5th Wheel RV Covers
Best RV Cover for Winter & UV Weather Protection
120" Height
366" - 486" Length
Expedition S2 Class A RV CoversExpedition S2 Class A RV Covers
Marine Grade Roof/ Poly Pro Sides Winter Protection
120" Height
342" - 462" Length
Expedition S2 Class C RV CoversExpedition S2 Class C RV Covers
Marine Grade Roof/ PolyPro Sides 
All Weather Protection
108" Height
270" - 390" Length
Expedition S2 Toy Hauler RV Covers (Travel Trailer body)Expedition S2 Toy Hauler RV Covers (Travel Trailer body)
Marine Grade Roof/ Poly Pro Sides
Winter Weather Protection
120" Height
270" - 414" Length

Expedition S2 Travel Trailer RV CoverExpedition S2 Travel Trailer RV Cover
Marine Grade Roof/ Poly Pro Sides
Winter Weather Protection
104" Height
197" - 414" Length

In the late fall of 2015 came the arrival of the new and improved S2 Expedition RV cover for sale here at ridiculously low prices for this high quality protection. The first question asked is always “How is this cover technically enhanced & different from its older sister the Expedition?” The S2 Expedition RV covers are created in 2 foot increments with sizing that helps to ensure a classic snug custom fit for campers, motorhomes and RV trailers. One of the most important improvements comes with the new roof to this winter storage RV cover. The woven marine grade fabric roof is a true loom-woven polyester. Coated with Durapel rain finish for maximum water resistance, UV Sun inhibitor for maximum sunlight protection and the Anti-Microbial finish to make it mildew resistant, this incredibly strong heavy duty, yet supple & breathable RV cover will provide winter protection for your RV for many years to come. The micro-porous film allows superior breathability to prevent rot and mildew. The sides of the RV cover are heavy gauge polypropylene like the Expedition. The lighter side panels help to minimize weight, yet provide a highly durable covering.

Another improvement with the custom S2 Expedition cover is the large EZ fit flags on the front and rear of the RV storage cover. Both the front & the rear have double tension panels.  Full height front and rear tension flags help to tightly secure the easy fitting storage cover at the top and bottom of the cover and gives the covered motorhome, camper or RV trailer a clean secure classic look. Heavy duty tension panels along the lower portion of the cover and the multipoint strap system provide a tight, snug fit and add extra security against high winds. The quick-release buckle and web strap system makes the cover easy to install and remove, and heavy duty full height access zippers are spaced around the entire cover to allow access to any part of the vehicle. The super duty corners of the RV storage cover are reinforced with sewn in shock cord in the hem. The addition of the anti-hit reflective panels on the front & back tension flags provide added safety at night.

Many RV storage cover customers express concern about the length of time that a heavy duty RV cover will be able to protect their valuable RV motorhome camper or trailer. The custom storage covers that are here for sale and seem to last the longest are made of marine grade woven material. Since the roof of the motorhome camper or trailer gets the most contact from the damaging UV rays of the sun, an RV storage cover with a woven roof should prove to last longer and protect your motorhome, camper or RV trailer for many years to come.
At RV Covers Protect we are proud to strongly endorse these newly designed custom 2 foot increment RV storage covers. The Expedition S2 RV covers are for sale here at prices that can’t be beat. Only time will tell if these heavy duty storage covers prove to outlast their older sister, the Expedition.  At RV Covers Protect you can count on knowledgeable customer service for all your RV needs. We promise to take your orders promptly and to keep you abreast with UPS tracking information so that you know when to expect your heavy duty custom S2 RV storage cover. Remember RV Covers Protect for all your motorhome, camper and RV trailer needs.

Compare the Expedition with the Expedition S2 in the chart below.

Expedition Expedition S2
3 breathable layers of polypropylene  X-Strength™ fabric;
1-ply polypropylene sides with sewn in vents help to prevent wind billowing
true loom-woven marine grade polyester fabric roof; 
heavy gauge polypropylene 
with sewn in vents help to prevent wind billowing
Sizing 3-foot increment sizing on larger RVs 2-foot increment sizing for a snug custom fit
Resistant fabric water repellent and mildew resistant anti-microbial finish makes it UV & mildew resistant
Fabric finish Durapel™ Rain Finish 100% water resistance Durapel™ Rain Finish for 100% water resistance
UV Protection treated with UV Sun Inhibitor for mild to moderate sunlight exposure treated with UV Sun Inhibitor for moderate to strong sunlight protection
Night Safety anti-hit reflective panels for added safety at night anti-hit reflective panels on tension flags for added safety at night
Zippered access zippered panels allow easy access to all entry points on one side; zippered panels roll up and Velcro into place heavy duty full height access zippers all the way around the cover allows access to any part of the vehicle; panels roll up & Velcro into place
Securing the cover in front & rear
On the sides
adjustable front & rear tension panels with loops & quick release buckles to remove unwanted slack;
side flaps secure under the vehicle
full height large EZ fit flags on the front & rear are secured with quick release web strap system for easy install and clean look;
side tension panels secure with a multi-point strap system
Custom Fit reinforced corners for a high quality fit; elastic hems ensure a snug custom fit super duty reinforced corners with sewn in shock cord hem ensures snug custom fit
Extras convenient storage bag, marine grade tie-down straps and a ladder cover a convenient storage bag, marine grade tie-down straps and a ladder cover
Warranty 3 Years 3 years

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