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Protect Your Class A Motorhome with a Quality Custom Fit Slip Storage Cover. We offer the Best Class A RV Covers for all Sizes of Class A RV’s even Extra Tall 42 - 45 Footers from Classic Accessories and Eevelle, including the Deluxe Polypro 3, Goldline and Expedition.

Category Products

Category Products

Expedition Class A Covers
3 Ply Roof & UV Protection
Goldline Class A Motor Home Cover
Best Ripstop Cover & Best Warranty
Perma Pro Class A RV Covers

Newest Technology - Ripstop Fabric

Perma Pro XTall Class A
Newest Technology - Ripstop Fabric
PolyPro 1 Class A cover

Economical Storage Cover

PolyPro III™ Deluxe Class A RV Cover

Best Winter & Snow Cover

PolyPro III™ Deluxe Extra Tall Class A RV Cover

Best Winter & Snow Cover

Traveler RV Covers- Class A

Inexpensive All Purpose Cover

The Class A motor home is an expensive investment. It is a large vehicle that provides its owners with comfort and luxury wherever you go. One of the advantages to this RV is that there is always a market for this RV. When you get ready to sell, there are always plenty of buyers looking for used models to buy. The first thing future buyers are going to notice is the exterior of the motor home. Even if you have an expensive RV garage (IBC cover), you will still need an RV cover. Most RV garages are just a roof. When the wind blows or that rain & snow fall, the RV will still be buffeted by dirt, debris and moisture that will leave scratches & nicks as well as mold & mildew. An inexpensive Class A RV cover will protect the exterior of the motor home as well as its re-sell value before your Class A shows any signs of aging. 

If you park under trees you have the problem of tree sap, pollen, and birds. Not to mention the amount of time you will be putting in to wash and wax the exterior. If you park out in the open or on a concrete or asphalt driveway, you will have the problem of very damaging UV rays fading, corroding, and cracking the exterior during all seasons not just in the hot summer. Then of course, wherever you park it you must deal with rain. Acid rain or puddles of water that sit in small pockets on the roof will eventually run off and create those unsightly black streaks down the side.

An RV cover can help to extend the life of your RV and preserve the re-sale value. Your Class A motor home will require an RV cover made of heavy duty, breathable polypropylene material- a fabric that is weather-resistant and water-repellent. The cover needs to be made of a breathable fabric that protects against mold and mildew. It should be UV-resistant, giving your RV additional protection from the sun and it should adjust to the contours of your vehicle giving your RV a custom fit.  

RV Covers Protect provides our customers with a choice of eight high quality protective breathable RV covers. We even take into account that all motor home covers are not the same. Some stand taller than 10 feet so we have extra tall Poly Pro 3 RV covers. A new product, PermaPRO from the OverDrive division at Classic Accessories has replaced the PolyX 300 RV cover with its innovative extra-strength ripstop fabric and will provide an alternative to the Goldline RV cover for the Class A motor home for both the average height Class A and the Extra Tall Class A RV.

To help you research the variety of RV covers sold on this site, RV Covers Protect has provided our customers with a list of videos produced by the companies that manufacture these RV covers to help you decide which RV cover will serve your needs the best. The RV covers sold on this site are manufactured by two companies, Eevelle from Carlsbad, California and Classic Accessories from Kent, Washington.  Click on the name of the RV cover and you will be sent to a You Tube video about that particular RV cover. 

Manufacturer's Videos of RV Covers
Middle Class
RV Cover
High Class
RV Cover
Eevelle RV Covers Expedition
RV Cover
RV Cover
Classic Accessories RV Covers    Poly Pro 3
RV Cover
RV Cover

Click here
,  to see a video that was created by RV Covers Protects that discusses the differences between Eevelle's Expedition three ply top RV cover and Classic Accessories' Poly Pro 3 RV cover. 

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