Patch & Reinforcement Kit for RV Covers
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Patch & Reinforcement Kit for RV Covers
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This patch kit is available in the Goldline fabric in both grey and tan but can be used on any of the covers sold on this site. Use it as a patch or to reinforce an area that has sharp edges that could cause a break in the material. This is an excellent add-on if your RV or boat cover needs extra strength on the sharp edged corners.  This patch kit is perfect for anyone who wants a little extra protection for their vehicle! It has an adhesive back that can be ironed on. It is recommended that the adhesive patch be placed on the inside of the cover where repairs are needed. When the adhesive side is placed on the inside, the wind, rain, and other outside interferences like curious children will not disturb the patch and it will keep the storage cover protected for a longer period of time.
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