PolyPro 1 Travel Trailer Cover
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PolyPro 1 Travel Trailer Cover
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Light but strong dust cover for stored travel trailer RV campers made of PolyPRO™ 1 fabric; repels water, won’t scratch paint, mildew resistant, protects against dirt and scratches; mild weather protection; elasticized bottom corners for a fast, custom fit; storage bag and tie-down rope included; 2 Year Warranty.

Fabric 1-ply polypropylene fabric; water repellent; breathable fabric resists mold & mildew
Protection Dirt, dust and scratch protection; mild weather
118" Height, 20' - 38' Length
Color grey
Warranty 2-year warranty


As an RV travel trailer owner who lives in a moderate climate, you don't have to worry about winter snow storage covers to protect your RV from heavy snow and blustery winds. You live in a moderate climate so an inexpensive affordable RV cover will be ideal for you. You ideally only need a "dust cover" for your travel trailer. You want to protect your travel trailer RV from bird droppings, dirt and leaves, strong UV rays that will fade both the interior and the exterior, precipitation that could allow mold and mildew to develop on the trim and plastic vents around the RV, and even nicks and bumps that occur whenever an accident occurs near your RV that could cause damage to its exterior.

The Poly Pro 1 RV cover by Classic Accessories has been designed for Travel Trailer RVs that are up to 118" in height. The quality weatherproof RV cover is light but strong. The polypropylene cover is made of a breathable fabric that repels water and is mildew resistant. This caravan cover protects the RV from dirt that could scratch your RV's finish and it is perfect for storage and moderate weather protection. Installation is easy.  The elasticized bottom corners provide a fast custom fit. There is a storage bag included with tie down ropes. This Poly Pro 1 RV cover for Travel Trailers has a two year warranty.

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model 1 model 2 model 3 model 4 model 5 model 6
Fits up to 20 foot L trailers
Up to 118 inches Max Height
Fits 20 - 22 foot L trailers
Up to 118 inches Max Height
Fits 22 - 24 foot L trailers
Up to 118 inches Max Height
Fits 24 - 27 foot L trailers
Up to 118 inches Max Height
Fits 27 - 30 foot L trailers
Up to 118 inches Max Height
Fits 30 - 33 foot L trailers
Up to 118 inches Max Height
Stock No 80-174-141001-00 80-175-151001-00 80-176-161001-00 80-177-171001-00 80-178-181001-00 80-179-191001-00
color GREY
Fits travel trailers up to 118 inches high, measured from ground to roof, excluding AC units.
Overall length includes bumper and ladder but not hitch.

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