PolyPro 1 SUV/ Pickup Cover
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PolyPro 1 SUV/ Pickup Cover
Crew Cab Pickup  with canopies 231" - 262"LFull Size SUVs and Trucks 188" - 230"LCompact SUVs and Pickups up to 187"LCrew Cab PickupStorage SackWater repellent
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The Over Drive Polypro 1 protective storage SUV cover and truck cover acts as a “dust cover” for your SUV or truck by providing a single layer of protection against dirt, scratches, pollution and weather. The Polypro 1 truck cover is made of a breathable fabric that provides a water repellent weathershield  SUV cover over your vehicle that reduces mold and mildew. The soft fabric of the truck cover won’t scratch paint and it protects against dirt, scratches and harmful UV rays of the sun. This is the best indoor storage SUV cover / truck cover. It will also provide moderate UV ray protection from the sun. This SUV cover / truck cover features an antenna reinforcement patch, non-scratch tie-down grommets and rope with an elasticized bottom hem for a fast, custom fit. A convenient storage bag is also included when the cheap truck cover is not in use. This cover will NOT prevent moisture from reaching the surface of the vehicle. Best discount folding custom fit water repellent breathable moderate weather cover, compact – long bed crew cab pick-ups & vans, non-scratch grommets, elastic bottom hem.

Compact Full Size Crew Cab Pickup
Fits SUVs and Pickups
up to 187" L
Fits full size SUVs and Pickups
up to 188" -230”L
Fits Crew Cab Pickups
with canopies
 231"– 262"L
Examples Ford Escape,
Ford Ranger
Chevy Suburban,
Ford F150
Ford 350 Long Bed Crew Cab,
Dodge Ram Long Bed Quad Cab
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