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Expedition Wheel & Tire Covers
Superior RV Wheel Covers in 7 sizes
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One of the most neglected areas of the RV are the tires. Tire failure is caused by a process known as ozone. Ozone causes the tires to become brittle and dry rot. UV rays speed up this process causing dry rot to surface as tiny cracks in the tire's sidewall. The best protection you can give your trailer's tires is a vinyl wheel cover that keeps the sun's UV rays off the tires.  These vinyl wheel covers are easy to install, come in packs of two and are easy to store when the trailer or motorhome is in use.

The Rugged EXO wheel cover series provide all-weather protection for your RV's wheels. These durable and economical RV wheel covers are designed to protect your investment for years to come from sun damage and rust due to exposure to the harshest elements. In every order you will receive two wheel covers made of a water repellent vinyl fabric with excellent UV protection. The custom fit RV wheel covers are fast and easy to slip on and the quality workmanship of these wheel covers for RVs and trailers are backed by the industries best 3 year warranty.

EXWC1922 19"-22"
EXWC2426 24"-26.5"
EXWC2629 26.75"-29"
EXWC2931 29"-31.75"
EXWC3234 32"-34.5"
EXWC3639 36"-39"
EXWC4042 40"-42"

How to Order Wheel & Tire Covers by the Tire Code.
  • Take the tire code for example, RV 315/80R22.
  • The letters in the front of the code tell you the intended use of the tire. In this case RV.
  • The first set of numbers 315 gives you the width of the tread in millimeters.
  • The number after the slash is a ratio that compares the height of the sidewall as compared to the tread.
  •  The next letter provides information about the tire’s construction. R= radial
  • The last number 22 is the diameter of the rim in inches. The diameter is determined by measuring the distance across the metal center of the wheel, the visible side of the wheel & tire when you are standing next to your vehicle. Measure in a straight line crossing over the center of the tire.
  • The diameter of the tire from the outside of the rubber to the outside of the rubber, measuring through the center tells you which size tire cover to order for your RV. 
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