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Guard Your Vehicles Against Dust, Mildew, Mold, and other Storage Issues with Quality Outdoor Rated Waterproof Covers. We Offer a Big Selection of the Best Protective Covers for almost any Vehicle on Sale at Discount Prices.

You have worked hard for your money and you would love to see all of your investments protected. Vehicle covers provide extremely important protection for all your toys, whether it is that automobile you have always loved or the boat that you waited so long to purchase. Any major investment requires constant care in order to keep it young and preserve its resale value.
For your motorized vehicles mechanical maintenance is routinely needed to keep the vehicle running smoothly and effectively. Protection from effects of all forms of precipitation will extend the life of your vehicle. This can best be accomplished with a quality waterproof outdoor vehicle cover. When your vehicles are not in use, the sun can do costly damage to the exterior of the vehicle. This damage is easy to see after your possession has spent just a short amount of time exposed to weather and the elements. Before too long outdoor exposure to your prized vehicles will add the chore of washing and waxing of your vehicle to your already busy schedule just so that you can preserve its appearance. All of these issues require more money from your wallet and more time spent away from the fun things in life. 
Why Do You Need the Protection of a Vehicle Cover?
Protective vehicle covers do more than keep your possessions free from dust & little nicks that come from flying debris. Quality outdoor vehicle covers protect the vehicles from oxidation and fading from harsh weather. Not to mention the bird droppings and tree sap that also destroys its exterior. A heavy duty vehicle cover creates an enduring barrier against the long term effects of the sun’s rays and pollution. UV radiation and pollution are the chief causes for the change in appearance of our vehicles. Extreme heat that builds up inside our vehicles also fades and damages the interior cloth, vinyl, and leather fabrics.

The type of vehicle cover you choose will depend on the level of protection you want and the amount of money you want to spend. Ultimately, the cost of the protective vehicle cover is minimal compared to the replacement cost of what you are protecting and they provide an economical alternative to expensive indoor storage. 

What Do You Look for a Vehicle Cover?
There are many options to consider when purchasing quality covers. Regardless of the whether you are covering cars, boats, recreational vehicles, or motorcycles; there are a number of features that you should consider.

Indoor VS Outdoor Covers- Even vehicles stored in a garage will benefit from the dust and scratch protection offered by a discount vehicle cover made of special indoor fabrics, but outdoor vehicle covers are treated to provide a wide variety of protection against the elements.

Breathable Fabrics VS Plastic Tarps – Breathable fabrics allow any heat or condensation under the vehicle cover to easily escape. A plastic tarp only allows the water to run off in a downpour. Water build up under the tarp can cause multitudes of problems for the vehicle’s owner.

UV Resistant VS Waterproof Covers- Technology allows the fabric of our vehicle covers to prevent UV degradation and protect your vehicle's finish and interior in the extreme heat areas of our country. While a weatherproof, breathable cover usually has three layers of fabric. The top layer has a rain finish, the middle layer has a UV inhibitor, and the layer against the vehicle is a breathable, anti-moisture layer. These vehicle covers are best in the areas of the US where it rains a great deal.

Durability & Warranties- Most vehicle covers are made of fabrics that should last for several years. The longer the warranty is the better the technology behind the fabric’s effectiveness will be.  Warranties last from 1 to 5 years.

Weatherproof VS Water Resistant- Water resistance vehicle covers will have the rain beading up and rolling off the cover. Other vehicle covers are designed to provide a sturdy barrier against snow and ice.

Custom Fit VS Universal Fit – A custom fit cover is going to cost you a great deal of money. They are usually made by the vehicle’s manufacturer and are extremely expensive. A universal fit outdoor vehicle cover is made to the dimensions of the majority of the vehicle’s specs. The difference in cost is astounding.

Remember, a vehicle cover protects both the outside and the inside of your auto, boat, golf cart, motorcycle, or RV. When you consider the purchase price and the cost of maintenance over the years of ownership, a protective weatherproof vehicle covering is one of the best investments available in vehicle maintenance.

Why Buy from RV Covers Protect?
RV Covers Protect provides our customers with the best vehicle cover prices on all your vehicle needs. Our covers are sold through Classic Accessories in Kent, Washington, and Eevelle in Carlsbad, California. There are essentially three types of vehicle covers sold by these companies ranging in price, quality, and your regional needs. Ultimately, the cost of the protective outdoor vehicle cover is minimal compared to the replacement cost of what you are protecting. Considering your needs, which vehicle cover will provide the best protection for you?
At RV Covers Protect, we strive to provide exceptional customer service to help you acquire the best vehicle cover for your recreational or automotive vehicle. Our goal is to provide our customers with quick and friendly customer service as well as prompt shipping and delivery from the warehouses in California or Washington.
No matter what it is, if it has wheels, we have a vehicle cover that will extend its life expectancy:

  • Cars, Trucks and SUVs
  • Boats, Pontoons, and Jet Skis
  • RV Motor Homes and Trailers
  • UTVs and ATVs  
  • Snowmobiles and Motorcycles
  • Golf Carts and Seat Covers