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Protect the Exterior of your 5th Wheel Camper/Trailer with the Best Heavy Duty Waterproof Covers. Here, For Sale are Classic or Extra Tall Fifth Wheel RV Weatherproof Storage Covers at Cheap Discount Prices.

The fifth wheel trailer makes it convenient to go everywhere. The trailer was a great economic investment because this trailer can virtually last for years if it is properly cared for. There are no mechanical issues that can cause you to lose the investment you place in this recreational vehicle. When you get home after one of your expeditions you always have the regular duties of washing down the exterior. If you park your 5th wheel under trees you have the birds, leaves, tree sap, and pollen that dirty up the exterior. If you park it in the open or on an asphalt pad, you must deal with the exposure to the sun and those paint corroding UV rays that fade and crack the exterior. Then of course, wherever you park it you must deal with rain or damaging winter weather. Whether it is acid rain or rain water that sits in small pockets on the roof or in the grooves and gaskets of your slide out, it will eventually run off and create those unsightly black streaks down the side. Since you don’t want to spend your time washing your fifth wheeler down every time you take it out, it is important that you keep it clean & protected with a weatherproof 5th wheel storage cover.

The best 5th wheel winter storage RV cover can help to extend the life of your trailer whether it is a camper trailer or the all-in-one toy hauler RV. The best cover will weatherproof your trailer for winter with a triple layer polypropylene top, protect your fifth wheel’s exterior and the slide out from dirt & debris clogging up the rails & grooves along the roof, and preserve the re-sale value of your 5th wheel while providing you with the best discount prices. All of our winter fifth wheel covers are made of heavy duty, triple layer polypropylene material- a fabric that will weatherproof the exterior because it is water-repellent and breathable. This protective, quick drying fabric will not waterproof your 5th wheel trailer but it will protect it against mold and mildew. You never want to waterproof the camper trailer or toy hauler because that will not allow the cover to breathe and mold & mildew could get underneath the RV storage cover. The best fabric to provide winter protection for your 5th wheel (camper trailer or toy hauler) must be made of triple layers of polypropylene for breathability that will also give your RV additional protection from the sun & provides protection from the sun’s UV-rays which crack, split & fade the decals on your exterior. The heavy duty winter fifth wheel storage cover adjusts to the contours of your vehicle allowing for easy installation and giving your 5th wheel a custom fit. With the additions of slide outs to the design of 5th wheelers, many of the newer fifth wheel trailers are considerably taller than the older models. At RV Covers Protect we even have winter storage covers for your camper/trailer if yours is an extra tall model.

When looking for the best sun & UV protection for your fifth wheel trailer, you must look for a heavy duty woven material that can stand up to the intense heat of the sun. Woven fabrics are made of stronger extra strength rip stop materials and provide the best UV protection to be able to stand up to heavy wind and intense sun rays. Just like the winter storage covers, these woven UV resistant covers will protect the exterior & your slide out from dirt, debris & rain. The woven ripstop material has been used for the storage covers and are also available for the extra tall fifth wheel trailers.The standard 5th wheeler has a height of 122”. The extra tall fifth wheel storage covers measure up to 150” of height. 

It is always important when ordering your RV cover that you measure your RV yourself. It is hard to believe but the specs given to you in your RV paperwork & handbook, are not always accurate representations of the true length of your RV.  Just because your RV brochure or pdf file says that the motorhome is 34 feet in length does not mean that when you go to measure the motorhome that it will truly measure 34 feet. With that in mind, you will need pencil, paper, measuring tape, another person to hold the tape, and a ladder to accurately measure your motorhome or coach. 

Step 1: Length, the most important measurement.
You need to measure the length of the fifth wheeler from bumper to bumper.  Be sure to include a ladder, a back bumper, or a spare tire on the back bumper. You might want to specify exactly how far from the back of the RV that these items stick out. 
Step 2: Height, especially important for the 5th wheel toy hauler trailer.
Measure the height of your 5th wheel RV from the highest point on the roof to the bottom of the chassis. The goal is to see that you have enough fabric to adequately cover the sides of the 5th wheeler. Do not measure to the ground. Because there is enough fabric in the width of the cover to accommodate the roof top accessories air conditioners and satellites, you do not have to include these measurements in the height of the cover.

RV Covers Protect provides our customers with a choice of ten high quality protective fifth wheel storage slip on covers for winter or summer. We provide our customer with the best discount prices on the Internet. To help you research the variety of 5th wheel RV storage covers sold on this site, RV Covers Protect has provided our customers with a list of videos produced by the companies that manufacture these custom fit covers to help you to decide which RV cover will serve your needs the best. The RV covers sold on this site are manufactured by two companies, Eevelle from Carlsbad, California and Classic Accessories from Kent, Washington.  Click on the name of the RV cover and you will be sent to a You Tube video about that particular RV cover. 
Winter Covers:                                        Polypro3 RV Cover              Expedition RV

UV-resistant All weather Covers:            Permapro RV Cover            Goldline RV Cover         
                                                                SkyShield RV Cover

At RV Covers Protect we pride ourselves with providing outstanding customer service. If after viewing the videos listed above you are still not sure which cover will serve your needs best, feel free to call customer service and speak with Mary at 912-665-1554. After determining your needs, she will gladly direct you to the best protective cover for your fifth wheel camper trailer. Not only do we provide our customers with knowledgeable honest information, but we also keep the communication flowing with email updates until the fifth wheel cover is on the UPS or FedEx truck and heading your way. We want only to provide the best high quality 5th wheel toy hauler camper trailer or extra tall fifth wheel trailer cover that will form a protective barrier from the climate or seasons during storage. There is always free shipping and delivery for all the 5th wheel storage covers for sale here at RV Covers Protect and you can count on the best discount prices on the Internet.