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RV Covers Protect

Protect Your Boat & Pontoon Winter Storage Cover with the Boat Cover Pole & Support System and Tie Down Straps with Self-locking Buckles. Here We Sell the Best Cargo Tie Down Straps for Cars, Boats, Trailers with ATVs and Motorcycles at Cheap Discount Prices.

Boat Cover Support PoleBoat Cover Support Pole
Adjusts from 12" - 54" H
Wake Cover Tie Down StrapsWake Cover Tie Down Straps
12 1" X 8" webbing straps
Convenient quick release buckles

Once you have covered your boat or pontoon with a protective boat cover, you sometimes come across a new and unforeseen problem with your waterproof boat cover. Your new boat or pontoon winter storage cover works so well at keeping the water off your boat and its cargo that the cover tends to collect pools of water in areas that cover the boat between two higher positions. The water gathers in heavy pools that pull and stretch the cover to the point of causing a potential rip or tear over time. Additional tie down straps are helpful but without the use of a pole and support system you are not able to get the cover to a highest point that allows the water to gently flow down the sides of the cover and off of the boat.

The best boat & pontoon pole and support systems have a retracting telescopic pole that stretches taller than the highest point on your boat (20”-48”, a strong nylon webbing strap to form a ridge under the cover and stainless steel rust resistant hooks with self-locking buckles that attach to the boat’s transom. This winter support system will prevent rain water from forming pools of water that will put stress on your boat cover, eventually causing the boat cover to tear.

Tie down straps are versatile and can best be used to secure cargo, tarps, and protective winter covers for boats & pontoons, as well as trailers for motorcycles and ATVs. The self-locking buckles add extra security to the protective covers with a tighter grip.  Quick release buckles ensure fast and quiet access to gear. The straps offer a range for all your securing needs and have inherently superior design qualities that make them longer lasting, safer, stronger, and quicker to use than other straps on the market. These tie downs are a convenient way to secure your boat, pontoon, motorcycle or ATV cover to the trailer for storage or trailering. This system allows you to easily remove the cover and quickly reattach it after use. Each kit includes 12 super strong 1 inch X 8 ft. polypropylene webbing straps with convenient quick-release buckles. These durable tie-downs won't stretch out of shape, tear your cover or damage your boat.
At RV Covers Protect we offer the best cargo tie down straps, boat and pontoon winter cover support systems and even telescoping support poles for your protective cover needs. We try to provide our customers with the best prices on boating accessories and trailer tie down straps for motorcycle & ATV covers with self-locking buckles that will protect the investment they have made in all of their recreational vehicles. It is our goal to give our customers friendly, courteous customer service and cheap discount prices with the fastest possible ordering & delivery process.