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Protect Your RV Travel Trailer Propane Tank from Dirt, Weather & Debris with a 20 lb./5 gallon or 30 lb./7.5 gallon Propane Tank Cover. Here You Will Find Propane Tank Covers for Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

The propane tank is the major source of providing gas for the stove, grill, hot water heater, refrigerator and furnace of the RV motorhome, trailer or camper. The most common use of propane gas onboard RVs is to provide a way to cook meals, though in most recreational vehicles it does so much more. If you’re into long-term living off-the-grid without services (aka, boon-docking), then propane can even do more for you by providing hot water, refrigeration for your food, and warm or cool air to keep you cozy and comfortable.
Without the protection of a propane tank cover your RV propane tank, the propane tank will become rusty, causing the metal to be weakened, easily dented and the propane gas valves to be damaged. All of these issues will indicate that the travel trailer propane tank is not safe to use. A vinyl propane tank cover protects tanks of your travel trailer propane tank from dirt, weather and debris. The propane tank cover is sized to fit all popular LP tanks (20 lb. /5 gallon or 30 lb. /7.5 gallon). To provide additional stiffness across the top of the vinyl propane tank cover there is a board insert across the top on double tank model. The propane tank cover is made of waterproof, wipe-clean vinyl with a soft, non-scratch backing. It has a zip-open front for quick access to valves and it is reinforced at all stress points. This vinyl propane tank cover for 20 lb. or 30 lb. tanks provide UV protection and it is mildew resistant.

At RV Covers Protect our customers can count on honest informed information about all of our RV covers and accessories. Because we are an e-commerce business we are able to sell our RV products at discount prices. We are not encumbered by the high overhead prices that our brick and mortar outdoor store counterparts have. Your orders will always be taken efficiently and your RV propane tank cover will be shipped quickly to you through UPS or the USPS.