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Maintain the Re-sale Value of your Sport Utility Four Wheeler with a Heavy Duty Camo UTV Travel Cover or a Quad Gear ATV Trailering Storage Cover For Sale Here at Cheap Discount Prices.

ATV Storage CoverATV Storage Cover

Great weather & abrasion protection
Fits ATVs 80"- 88" L; 45"-50" H
1 yr warranty

UTV Deluxe Storage CoverUTV Deluxe Storage Cover

All weather trailerable, vented UTV protection
2 yr warranty

You are all set up with your new motocross ATV. It is a sight to see! If only it would stay that way. Of course it is going to get dirty while you are riding, however it is when it is not being ridden that the real damage gets done. If your quad is kept outside bird droppings, rain, snow, and wind are going to take its toll on your four-wheeler’s finish and can even affect your four wheelers mechanics. Even if you keep you ATV or UTV indoors dirt and dust are going to build up and wear on the finish of your ATV or UTV. Garages are typically full of tools and accidental bumps and scrapes are bound to happen. Whether you keep your ATV or UTV four wheeler in the garage, under a covered area, or outdoors, a protective cover will keep your quad protected, looking new and its resale value high. 
If you keep your ATV or UTV indoors you may think all you need is a cheap dust cover. Dust covers will keep dirt and dust off your ATV or UTV. However, dust covers are not thick or padded enough to protect your quad from bumps and scrapes from tools or while you are traveling and trailering your ATV or UTV. Road debris and tools will rip right through that cheap light dust cover. Cheap discount dust covers may seem like a smart economical choice, but might end up costing you more in the long run having to replace it or buying two different covers. You would need one cover for your ATV or UTV while it is in the garage or storage, and another heavy duty protective cover for traveling and trailering your quad. 
 A heavy duty made-to-last protective 4 wheeler cover that is durable and thick enough for traveling, towing and trailering your quad will save you money in the long run. You won’t need to replace cheap dust covers as often or buy two different covers for storage and travel. In addition the superior cover provides the heavy duty protection your 4 wheel ATV or UTV needs whether it is in the garage or on the trailer. Keeping your quad looking new and running its best is your primary goal. When your quad is kept outdoors a cheap light weight dust cover is not an option. You must have a heavy duty protective ATV or UTV cover that will not blow off and will provide the heavy duty protection required to protect your quad from the elements. 
The UTV and ATV heavy duty storage and travel / trailering covers made by Classic Accessories Quad Gear Extreme are form fitting slip over covers that provide all weather protection for 4 wheeler.  Quad Gear 4 wheeler ATV and UTV protective covers are known for heavy duty quality and durability.  Whether you are storing your 4 wheeler in a garage, outdoors or traveling with it on a trailer, the heavy duty protective cover will keep your ATV or UTV looking new and you will not have to worry about the cover ripping, not performing and needing to be replaced.  
Here at our vehicle storage covers store we offer the best Classic Accessories Quad Gear Extreme ATV and UTV four-wheeler covers for all different types and sizes of ATVs and UTVs. No matter what type of four-wheeler you own we have the perfect protecting travel / heavy duty storage covers for your quad. Our travel and storage covers come in either black or camo and are guaranteed to provide the all weather all season protection your four-wheeler needs. Because we are an Online based vehicle covers store we do not have the expensive operating costs of traditional vehicle covers stores. This allows you to buy the best heavy duty Quad Gear slip covers quickly, easily and from the comfort of home at the best discount price possible. If you have any questions about any of our 4 wheeler ATV or UTV storage and travel / trailering protective covers please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.