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Protect your Class B Motorhome from Winter Snow or Harmful UV Rays with the Best Protective RV Storage Cover. Here We Offer the Best Slip Cover for Conversion Vans at Cheap Discount Sale Prices.

Expedition Class B CoversExpedition Class B Covers
Winter Weather Protection
246" - 318" Length
117" Height
Goldline Class B Motor Home CoverGoldline Class B Motor Home Cover
Best Warranty & All Weather UV Protection
117" Height
246" - 414" Length
Perma Pro Class B RV CoverPerma Pro Class B RV Cover

Ripstop Material Provides All Weather UV Protection
18 - 27' Length / 
117-128" Height 
60" Front Width/ 85" rear Width

Poly Pro 3 Class B RV CoverPoly Pro 3 Class B RV Cover
Best Winter & Snow Protection
117" - 128" Maximum Height
60" Wide in front; 85" wide in rear
18' - 27' Length
The 1960s brought the birth of the Class B motorhome. The Class B motorhome is a large van that has been converted into a RV with a couch that converts into the sleeping areas, portable tables, and captain chairs.  This is the reason why they are often referred to as conversion vans. As the owner of a Class B motorhome you want to maintain its value and keep it looking and running its best. As long as they are protected these RVs can last for decades. Your conversion van like all RVs is most vulnerable when it is not being used. When Class B motorhomes are in storage and unprotected from the sun, wind, rain, snow and other elements its exterior paint will fade and the decorative decals will eventually start to crack. Moisture will often seep into the interior causing mildew and mold. Unlike campers and trailers, your conversion van has its own engine. When uncovered and sitting outside this can cause a variety of expensive mechanical issues.  The best way to protect your conversion van from storage issues and keep it looking and running its best is with a slip cover.

Slip covers will protect your recreational vehicle from the sun, rain & winter snow, nicks & scratches, as well as mold & mildew. When purchasing a protective storage cover for your conversion van it is important to keep in mind that not all slip covers are the same. Cheap discount covers are cheap for a reason. They do not provide the protection you need and can end up costing you lots of money in the long run in lost resale value of your RV and/or costly repairs. Spending a bit more upfront on a quality conversion van cover that protects your class B motorhome from potential storage issues will save you money in the long run over their cheap discount quality counter parts by keeping your RV looking its best inside and out and preventing expensive mechanical issues caused by exposure to the elements.   

It is also important to think about the climate you live in and the type of protection you need most.  Different conversion van covers are designed to provide maximum protection from different elements. Do you mostly need protection from winter snow, rain, UV rays or all three? Class B motorhome covers designed for protection from the snow and rain have three layers of water resistant material and protect the roof and the roof-mounted accessories. Moisture is able to escape through the breathable single ply fabric on the sides to prevent mold and mildew from settling on the exterior or creeping into the interior through cracks and crevices. The best winter motorhome covers are designed to attract the sun causing snow to melt so it doesn’t build up and does not cause the roof to warp from the weight of the snow. The primary goal of a winter protective cover is to add years of protection and value to your Class B motorhome.  The two best winter storage covers for conversion vans that we have found for sale are the Expedition RV slip covers and Poly Pro 3 protective storage cover. 

When looking for a conversion van storage cover that provides the best protection from intense UV rays you need a Class B slip cover that reflects the infrared rays. This will keep the temperatures lower inside the RV preventing fading upholstery, heat cracks and interior paint or wall siding and wall paper from warping and peeling. This also blocks the UV rays from fading the exterior paint and cracking the decorative decals. We have found that Goldline conversion van covers are the best UV protective storage covers for sale for Class B motorhomes.

It is always important when ordering your RV cover that you measure your RV yourself. It is hard to believe but the specs given to you in your RV paperwork & handbook, are not always accurate representations of the true length of your RV.  Just because your RV brochure or pdf file says that the Class B conversion van is 24 feet in length does not mean that when you go to measure the motorhome that it will truly measure 24 feet. With that in mind, you will need pencil, paper, measuring tape, another person to hold the tape, and a ladder to accurately measure your motorhome. 

Step 1: Length, the most important measurement.
You need to measure the length of the RV from bumper to bumper.  Be sure to include a ladder, a back bumper, or a spare tire on the back bumper.  You might want to specify exactly how far from the back of the RV that these items stick out. 
Step 2: Height. 
Measure the height of your RV from the highest point on the roof to the bottom of the chassis. The goal is to see that you have enough fabric to adequately cover the sides of the Class B motorhome. Do not measure to the ground. 

At RV Covers Protect, we off the best protective storage slip covers for Class B conversion vans. Regardless of whether you need maximum protection from either the snow, rain, sun or protection from all three, we have the best motorhome cover for your Class B conversion van. Being an online based RV covers store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores. These savings allow us to offer the best conversion van storage covers for sale at cheap discount prices with free shipping and no sales tax for all customers outside of Georgia. Your order will be handled promptly and when the motorhome cover leaves the warehouse you will receive an email to let you know exactly when to expect your conversion van’s RV cover. We vow to make our Class B motorhome customer's shopping experience a quick & friendly experience that is second to none.