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Preserve your Modern, Classic, Vintage or Antique Car/Auto, Truck or SUV’s Resale Value with the Best Custom Waterproof Portable Protective Cover for Indoor Storage or Outside Body Scratch & Theft Protection. Here You Will Find the Best All Weather Covers Sold Here at the Cheapest Discount Prices.  

For most Americans owning an automobile, pickup truck or SUV is not a luxury, it is a necessity. This necessity is also a costly one since the value of these automotive vehicles depreciates yearly. If you are leasing your car, pickup truck or SUV and plan to trade it every two or three years then you are particularly interested in preserving the value of your vehicle. You need to protect the interior from the UV rays of the sun fading the seats’ fabric and preserve the exterior’s paint as well as its body from any dings, dents and scratches.
What about the true “car lovers.” You know them - the guy next door who is always outside washing & waxing his dream car or pickup truck or your neighbor with his vintage Mercedes or classic Corvette. Maybe you are that guy. Since the exterior of your car, truck or SUV is the first thing someone sees, it is important to you to keep that “brand new, show room floor” look on your vehicle.

An inexpensive protective automobile storage cover puts a barrier between your car and Mother Nature. Nuts, berries, sap, pollen, winter, and the acidic level in the bird droppings of roosting birds can wreak havoc on the vehicle’s exterior. The fabric of most outdoor car, truck and SUV covers is not harmed by any of these natural outside agents, not even the acidity level in the bird’s droppings but your paint is. Protective car covers also act as an excellent theft deterrent. When a car thief is considering which vehicle to steal, time is of the essence.  Since time is critical in not getting caught, thieves often pass by covered cars, trucks and SUVs because they take longer to break into. The thief usually decides to go after easier prey. In addition, if the cover includes a lock and cable, even a flimsy one, your vehicle becomes even harder to steal.

A discount automobile cover would be a worthy investment in the lasting power of your vehicle. Covering your vehicle is a smart and inexpensive way to protect your investment. Not only does the car, pickup truck or SUV cover protect your vehicle but your vehicle’s slip cover also protects the valuables that you store inside your vehicle. The cover’s breathable weatherproof fabric reflects the UV rays of the sun thus protecting the interior seats and dash. When you put a protective winter storage cover on your car, truck or SUV you will see that your vehicle will last longer and stay cleaner. Even an indoor dust cover adds a layer of protective padding to cushion against kids & their bikes stored in the garage or an absent-minded bump to the body of the vehicle. You know you take pride in the way your vehicle looks and with a quality discount car, pickup truck or SUV cover you will spend less time washing your “baby” and more time enjoying it.
There are three basic designs for protective automobile storage covers. The basic indoor discount “dust cover” is portable with a universal fit that is made of a single layer of breathable fabric. It can be water repellent and/or waterproof but it usually does not have much UV protection. This soft protective cover won’t scratch your paint and will provide basic all weather protection against dirt, scratches, pollution, pollen, and moderate weather. Dust is everywhere and when dust sits on the paint of your automobile, truck or SUVs, it turns abrasive and causes minute scratches. Both indoor car cover fabrics and outdoor car cover fabrics are designed to keep dust away from the surface of your vehicle.

The best “middleman” all weather car/ pickup truck/SUV storage cover provides a triple layer of superior protection that weatherproofs your vehicle and resists & repels rain and snow. The thicker soft waterproof padded fabric won’t scratch your car, truck or SUV’s finish and it creates a weather shield against bumps, scratches & nicks.  This heavy duty outside winter cover would be perfect if you don't have a garage and hate scraping windows in the winter. This protective outside cover would allow you to uncover your car, pickup truck or SUV, quickly folding and storing your cover away, and then driving off to work instead of spending time in the freezing cold scrapping ice off the windshield.
The best quality car cover is made of four protective layers of protection and padding for your automobile and provides heavy duty all weather winter and summer protection. The extra layer gives your car the additional padded layer of protection against bumps, dings and the occasional hail storm that brings small pebble- & rock-sized hail in spring. These 4-layer folding portable covers also provide the best UV protection for customers who live in the desert Southwest or the hot, humid South.

RV Covers Protect provides our customers with the best automobile and truck covers on the Internet. Our car, truck, and SUV covers are sold through Classic Accessories in Kent, Washington. There are essentially three types of discount vehicle storage covers ranging in price, quality, and your regional needs. Ultimately, the cost of a protective winter car, SUV or truck cover is minimal compared to the replacement cost of what you are protecting. Considering your needs, which outside automobile, truck or SUV cover will provide the best protection for your vehicle?

At RV Covers Protect you will receive courteous and knowledgeable customer service. Your orders will be handled promptly and shipped as quickly as possible. You will be notified by email as soon as the product is shipped so that you know when to expect your protective car, truck or SUV storage cover. Remember you always get the cheapest discount prices here because when you spend more than $100 you will get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental United States and there is no sales tax unless you live in Georgia.