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Protect Your RV’s Wheels and Tires from Degrading, Weather Cracking and Dry Rot by Buying Protective Weatherproof/Waterproof RV Wheel and Tire Storage Covers. We offer the Best Expedition and Classic Accessories RV Wheel and Tires Covers, providing Perfect Custom Fit all Season Rain, Snow, Wind and UV Proof Wheel Covers for Fifth Wheels, Trailers, Campers and Motorhomes at Cheap Discount Online Sales Prices. 

When you are ready to take your camper, travel trailer or motorhome for a trip the most important thing is that you and your family get to your destination safely. If your RV’s wheels or tires are damaged and a blowout occurs, this is dangerous and costly. New RV wheels and tires, regardless of whether you have a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or camper, are not cheap. Plus you lose precious vacation time. When a motorhome, camper, trailer or 5th wheel is left unattended for an extended period of time, like in the winter or in between summer trips and the RV’s wheels and tires are left unprotected, they become vulnerable to offseason storage issues and quickly degrade. This can easily be prevented by using protective RV wheel and tire covers. Exposure to the weather, sun, snow and other elements causes what is called, “Ozone or Weather Cracking”. Ozone or weather cracking occurs when your camper, trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome’s wheels are not protected by the best RV wheel and tire covers while temporarily not in use or in storage. Exposure to UV rays and other elements causes cracks in the rubber of the wheel. If unnoticed this can be dangerous and the tire will surely blow. Dry rot is also common and is caused most commonly by inactivity, low tire pressure and excessive heat. This why you should always check the tire pressure and look for signs of dry rot as well as ozone cracking and weather peeling on the walls of the tire when preparing for trip in your camper, 5th wheel, travel trailer or motorhome and make sure you use the best Classic Accessories or other top rated weather and waterproof custom fit RV wheel and tire covers.   
Protective heavy duty custom fit RV wheel and tire covers protect the rubber tires as well as the wheel and rims while your 5th wheel, travel trailer or motorhome is in storage. Wheel and tire covers are the easiest and most cost effective way to prevent dry rot as well as ozone and weather cracking. When you compare the prices of the best Classic Accessories protective RV wheel and tire covers or other top rated UV and weather resistant camper, travel trailer and motorhome wheel & tire covers to the cost of just one new tire, you realize that a wheel and tire cover is quite a discount. When you add to that to the cost of repairs for any damage that maybe done to your camper, fifth wheel trailer or motorhome when the tire blows, the cost is minimal. Not to mention the loss of at least one precious vacation day, you will find that you have saved yourself a great deal of time and money by buying and using relatively cheap discount RV wheel and tire storage covers. The best custom fit wheel and tire covers are made of a rugged wipe-clean vinyl material with a soft non-scratch backing that will reflect the UV rays and waterproof your wheels and tires. The protective vinyl RV wheel and tire covers are fast and easy to slip on and have an elasticized back panel for a secure fit. The single axle tire and wheel covers range in size from the smallest wheel diameter of 19-22” to the largest custom fit size wheel covers that fit large motorhomes and diesel buses with wheel dimensions of 40-42”. Whether you need single axle wheel & tire covers for your camper or travel trailer, dual-axle or triple-axle wheel & tire covers for your 5th wheel trailer, the best custom fit protective RV wheel and tire covers will provide the storage protection you need. 
At RV Covers Protect you will find a great selection of high quality wheel and tire covers for any size 5th wheel, camper, motorhome or trailer, from Classic Accessories and Eevelle, at cheap discount online sales prices. We carry the best protective single, dual and triple axle RV wheel and tire covers for any size pop up campers, fifth wheel, trailer, toy haulers or motorhome. If you have a large boat trailer, many of these RV wheel covers will provide the custom fit you need.  Whether you need 19” diameter wheel and tire covers for your travel trailer, a 42” diameter oversized full size covers for a diesel motorhome coach bus, or a 30-32” diameter triple axle cover for the three 14”-15” rims on your 30 ft. boat trailer, we have the best custom fit cover for your wheels and tires at discount online sales price you can afford. All of the protective RV wheel and tire storage covers we have for sale are available in snow white, black and grey. We also provide knowledgeable honest customer service, fast affordable shipping, a secure check-out, and an email notice that informs you when your camper, trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome’s wheel and tire covers are shipped and make it easy to track. We look forward to helping you keep your RV wheels and tires protected and if you have any questions or need any help finding the best custom fit wheel and tire storage covers for your motorhome, camper, fifth wheel or trailer give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.