RV Dual Axle Wheel & Tire Cover

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RV Dual Axle Wheel & Tire Cover
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Protect your dual axle RV wheels and tires from dirt, rust, UV rays & dry rot with a heavy duty wipe clean vinyl cover that fits most RV, camper, travel trailers and toy hauler wheels on the market on sale here with the best discount prices on the internet.
Uses & Benefits
  • Prevents dry rot caused by the UV rays beating down on tires while in storage
  • Protects the tires from dirt, rust, and sun damage
  • Dimensions: Three sizes (up to 27", 27-30", or 30-33" wheel diameters)
  • Fast & easy slip on fit
  • One dual axle wheel cover in each package
  • Two rear eyelets secure the bottom flaps for a neat look (rope not included)
  • Elasticized back panel for a secure fit
  • Colors: white, grey & black
  • 3-year limited warranty
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including phthalates and/or lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

To determine the diameter of your RV tires, click here and type in the size of your tires.

Dual Axle RV Wheel & Tire Cover protects your RV's wheels against dirt, rust and harmful UV rays with heavy duty waterproof, wipe clean vinyl with a soft, non-scratch backing, Three sizes (up to 27", 27-30", or 30-33") fit most RV, camper, travel trailers and toy hauer wheels on the market, is both UV and mildew resistant, fast and easy slip on fit, one dual axle wheel cover in each package, elastic back & rear eyelet secures bottom flap for secure fit, white, grey & black,3- year limited warranty.

Your RV has been covered every winter and protected by the elements but you are surprised to find that the tires have dry rotted while the camper was sitting up. You thought the RV cover was going to protect the tires but you soon found out that the tires needed the added protection of RV tire covers. Those tires still have great tread but the sun has dry rotted the tires. It is a good thing you discovered this before going out on the road. Nothing could be more miserable than having a blow out on the Interstate… all because you didn’t use a $30 UV protective cover for your RV tires. The small investment of dual axle trailer wheel covers that will be protecting your tires will pay off in the long run.

The heavy-duty waterproof dual axle wheel cover protects against dirt, rust, and harmful UV rays. The UV and mildew resistant cover is made of wipe-clean vinyl with a soft, non scratch backing that is both UV and mildew resistant. These wheel covers protect tires and wheels from sun damage with a fast and easy slip-on fit. They come in three sizes that fit most wheels on the market with one dual axle wheel cover in each package. They slip on easily and fit over the dual wheels. The elastic back panel and the two rear eyelets secure the bottom flaps for a neat secure fit, but rope is not included in the package. These inexpensive dual axle wheel covers have a three-year limited warranty.

Small Dual Axle Cover Diameter

up to 27"
8" tire width

Large DualAxle Cover Diameter

8" tire width

XL Dual Axle Cover Diameter

8" tire width

RV Covers Protects promises its customers that they will receive the best value on dual axle discount wheel and tire covers on the Internet. Their order will be handled quickly and their shipment will be prompt. When the fun’s over, remember RV Covers Protect.

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