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Provide Shade for Yourself & Protect your Boat from the Sun with a Canvas Bimini Canopy. Here, You can Buy the Best Aftermarket Bimini Replacement Covers and Complete Kits that include the Fabric Top, Frame and Hardware for Small and Large Boats including Pontoons.

It doesn't take long when you’re out on the water enjoying your boat before the sun starts beating down on you and your guests and you need to be able to find at least a small amount shade. Not only is the sun hard on your skin when you stay out for extended periods of time, it also hard on the boat’s upholstery, foamed seats, marine vinyl and the carpet. Buying the best aftermarket canvas Bimini replacement top or kits that include a quality fabric canopy, frame and hardware is a simple, inexpensive and effective way of providing the shade you need to protect you, your guests and your boat from the sun and allow you to get more enjoyment from your boat.

Fabric Bimini tops also allow the boat’s passengers to enjoy the water longer. When on the water and out in the sun when there is no shade you get uncomfortable and have to go in. By providing a shady cover for all of the boat’s passengers to fish, crab, read, or just sit back and enjoy the cruise you are able to stay comfortable, stay out longer and have more fun. Besides providing protection and shade from the sun the best aftermarket canvas Bimini canopies also act as an umbrella in case of a short rain shower. Another bonus to buying a quality fabric Bimini top with its frame and hardware is that Bimini top covers will help to keep your boat clean of debris as well as protecting your pontoon or boat’s upholstery, even when your boat or pontoon is not in use.

Many boat and pontoon owners decide to install an aftermarket canvas cover, frame and hardware due to the fact that you can buy a high quality Bimini shade and rain cover at a small fraction of the cost when compared to those installed at the factory. If your pontoon or boat was equipped with a fabric Bimini top when it was purchased or bought years ago, the canvas cover may have started to age. It may have lost its color or the fabric may have begun to rip and tear in certain parts. As long as the frame’s hardware is still good you do not need to buy a whole new kit. You can simply buy a replacement top. Buying the best aftermarket replacement Bimini top will save you money over a purchasing a kit that includes the canvas canopy, frame and hardware. Buying a replacement cover will also save you time not having to uninstall the entire frame and hardware and then have to install the new one.

When deciding which aftermarket Bimini replacement canvas cover or complete fabric top, frame & hardware kit is best for you, quality is the most important thing. You want to make sure that the frame is solid and the canvas cover is waterproof and will last. Summerset makes some of the best quality fabric Bimini tops and solid frames. Whether you are buying a small replacement canvas cover or need a kit with the canopy, frame and hardware Summerset is the best choice. Their tops are made from an extremely durable marine-grade canvas. They have two brands of Bimini tops: their quality Summerset Premium cover and their top of the line Summerset Elite canopy.  

The Summerset Premium aftermarket covers are made from woven WindStorm fabric, are covered by a 3 year warranty and available in 12 bold colorfast colors. The Summerset Elite replacement Bimini top is made of Sunbrella fabric which is the best marine fabric in the world. The Sunbrella marine canvas boat and pontoon canopies are covered by the industry’s best 10 year warranty, and there are 7 colorfast shades of fabric from which to choose. Both Summerset Bimini covers are high quality American made-to-order canopiesmade of 600 Denier which makes the marine canvas water and mold resistant. Summerset Bimini tops are professionally stitched with marine grade anti-wick thread and they will not shrink or stretch out of shape. The Summerset Bimini canopies are designed to provide shade and reduce the glare created by being on the water and it will keep your boat looking great season after season.

The Summerset aftermarket Bimini’s frame boat hardware is made of the best 1” wall anodized aluminum tubing. Their pontoon Bimini frame is made from the same 1” anodized aluminum hardware, but has square tubing. The canvas frame’s hardware is constructed for strength & stability. Quality control tests have shown that that both the pontoon and traditional Bimini boat frame and canvas shade and rain covers have the ability to withstand all the rigors of boating and wind speeds at 40 knots. You can buy both the Summerset Premium and the Summerset Elite Bimini top in a kit or just the fabric as a replacement cover. Both canopies come in 3 bow boat Bimini tops that measure 72” in length and 4 bow Bimini canopies for pontoons that measures 96” in length. The 3 bow boat replacement Bimini canopy and aftermarket frames fits small to large boats with widths from 54” - 96” wide. The 4 bow pontoon Bimini replacement cover and aftermarket hardware fits pontoon boats with widths between 91” and 103”.

At RV Covers Protect we carry both Summerset’s quality Premium Bimini cover and their top of the line Elite canopies. You can buy just the replacement fabric or the complete aftermarket kit including the canvas top, frame and hardware for both the Premium cover and Elite canopies. Whether you have a traditional boat or a pontoon we carry both three bow Summerset boat Bimini tops (72” long) and four bow Summerset pontoon Bimini tops (54” long) on sale at the best possible prices. Whether you need the complete aftermarket kit with fabric, frame and hardware included or just a replacement canvas Bimini top we make it easy and affordable for you to get the shade and rainproof umbrella you, your guests and your boat needs to stay protected while on the water.

Our high quality Summerset Bimini fabric canopies and frames will fit fish & ski boats, bass boats, Boston whalers, small jon boats, and pontoon boats. If you are not sure about measuring or ordering your Bimini top, we will gladly check and research your boat style to be sure that you get the best Bimini shade cover for your boat at a cheap discount price that you can afford. We also provide free shipping (when customers spend over $100) on both our replacement canvas tops as well as complete Bimini kits to customers in the continental US and we will pay half the cost of shipping for our customers in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and even our Canadian neighbors. If you have any questions about our Summerset Bimini replacement canopies, frames, hardware or aftermarket kits please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.