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Protect your Toyhauler from Sun, Wind, Rain, Debris and other Storage Issues with a Protective Toy Hauler Cover. We offer Premium Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Covers that Provide Complete Access to your RV.

Expedition S2 Toy Hauler RV Covers (Travel Trailer body)Expedition S2 Toy Hauler RV Covers (Travel Trailer body)
Marine Grade Roof/ Poly Pro Sides
Winter Weather Protection
120" Height
270" - 414" Length

Expedition Toy Hauler Covers (Travel Trailer body)Expedition Toy Hauler Covers (Travel Trailer body)
Winter Storage Cover (Travel Trailer body)
120-124" Height
252" - 444" Length
Goldline Toy Hauler Cover (Travel Trailer Body)Goldline Toy Hauler Cover (Travel Trailer Body)
Best All Around Rain, Snow & UV Protection
(Travel Trailer body)
120" Height
149' - 557' Length

Since your toy hauler does not have the added expense of mechanical maintenance, you know that your travel trailer toy hauler can last for several years as long as you keep it looking good both inside and out. Damage to your toy hauler caused by the sun’s UV rays will begin to show in a matter of months especially in the south and western regions of the US. During the winter, rain & snow will damage your travel trailer toy hauler’s exterior as well as leak inside your RV and cause damage to the furniture, beds, couches, walls and insulation. Mildew, mold, water damage and sun damage are almost guaranteed to happen when your toy hauler is left exposed to the elements for very long. An affordable, breathable complete access premium toy hauler RV cover is an easy and cost effective way of preventing damage and keeping your toyhauler travel trailer looking its best. A premier complete access travel trailer toy hauler RV cover can help to extend the life of your RV, as well as preserve the re-sale value.

When purchasing a toy hauler cover it is important to purchase a premium RV cover that will last, fit the size and type of toyhauler, allow access to the back of the travel trailer and provide the protection you need. For most toy hauler owners, a toy hauler cover needs to provide complete access to the garage part of the travel trailer as well as to the living quarters through zippered panels along the sides and back of your travel trailer toy hauler. This makes it easy to access your toyhauler while keeping it protected whether it is in storage or at the camp ground. It is also important that your premium toyhauler cover properly fits your travel trailer. You need a good tight fit so that rain and debris cannot find its way inside in the cover and wind will not scratch and damage the exterior. Ther are two types of toy haulers: the flat front of a travel trailer toy hauler or the over-the-truck-bed extension found on fifth wheelers. The premium complete access toy haulers sold in this section of the website are designed for travel trailer toy haulers.

Depending on where you live and the type of climate in your environment will determine what type of premium complete access travel trailer toy hauler RV cover makes the most sense for you.  If your storage needs require extra strength wind protection or ultimate UV protection, then a strong heavy duty woven RV cover is needed to reflect the UV rays and stand up to the windiest days. A complete access toy hauler RV storage cover will protect your travel trailer toy hauler from the wind and the sun. A woven fabric is needed to withstand the intense UV rays of the sun.  Woven materials, sometimes referred to as ripstop fabric, are strong yet breathable. Premium ripstop materials are able to protect the RV’s exterior from the most intense UV rays and from gusty heavy winds that cause minor tears that grow into major rips.  
Premium toyhauler covers that protect your travel trailer from winter rain and snow should be made of heavy duty, 3 ply polypropylene material, a fabric that is weather-resistant and water-repellent. This breathable, protective, quick drying fabric protects against mold and mildew and gives a moderate amount to UV protection from the sun. Both types of toyhauler covers, winter storage covers and covers that prevent UV damage to your toy hauler, when fitted properly will adjust to the contours of your travel trailer toy hauler allowing for easy installation and giving your toy hauler a custom fit. 

It is always important when ordering your RV cover that you measure your RV yourself. It is hard to believe but the specs given to you in your RV paperwork & handbook, are not always accurate representations of the true length of your RV.  Just because your RV brochure or pdf file says that the travel trailer toy hauler is 34 feet in length does not mean that when you go to measure the trailer that it will truly measure 34 feet. With that in mind, you will need pencil, paper, measuring tape, another person to hold the tape, and a ladder to accurately measure your motorhome or coach. 

Step 1: Length, the most important measurement.
You need to measure the length of the travel trailer toy hauler from bumper to bumper.  Be sure to include the ladder, back bumper, or a spare tire on the back bumper.  You might want to specify exactly how far from the back of the RV that these items stick out. 
Step 2: Height. 
Measure the height of your RV from the highest point on the roof to the bottom of the chassis. The goal is to see that you have enough fabric to adequately cover the sides of the toy hauer camper trailer. Do not measure to the ground. Because there is enough fabric in the width of the cover to accommodate the air conditioners, satellite and antennae, you do not have to include the height of these roof accessories.

RV Covers Protect offers a great selection of premium complete access toy hauler travel trailer RV covers at the best sales prices. We provide our customers with a choice of three high quality protective complete access toyhauler travel trailer storage covers. Being an online based protective vehicle covers store we do not have many of the expensive operating costs of traditional stores. These savings allow us to offer premier travel trailer toy hauler covers at the best possible prices. If you need help deciding which complete access toy hauler RV cover you need, you should first accurately measure your trailer and then call RV Covers Protect at 912-665-1554  for expert knowledgeable customer service that will lead you to order the right cover the first time. We make it easy and affordable for you to keep your toyhauler travel trailer protected and looking its best all year round.