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Protect your boat with the Best Heavy Duty Winter Storage Covers for Small Boats. Here you will find Lightweight Marine Canvas, Universal or Semi Custom Fit, Trailerable or Mooring Waterproof Boat Covers That Are For Sale Here at Cheap Discount Prices.

As the work horses of the boating industry, small boats are used a great deal and are seen everywhere in our rivers, ponds, lakes and along the coast. Between fishing, crabbing, hunting and a variety of other uses, they are used for all sorts of work because you can slip them easily into the water & go. But it is not until the winter off season storage time that the small boat could possibly feel the worst damage of the year. When these small boats are left unattended over the winter, a great deal of damage can occur to the seats. Boat covers are the best way to protect boats during winter; however, most marine stores do not offer a large selection of small boat covers for sale. You could use a tarp to cover your small boat but tarps tend to hold the water under the cover causing the wood to rot and the aluminum to rust; not to mention, tarps are not light, are often hard to secure to the boat and difficult to remove.

A light breathable boat cover made of a water repellent marine fabric with mildew and UV inhibitors will provide your small boat with a long maintenance free life. Just like the tarp, when a storage cover is not breathable, water is retained in the boat. Depending on where you plan to store your boat during the winter off-season will determine the type of small boat slip cover you will need. Some small boats will remain in the water moored to the dock throughout the winter. For these boats an easy to install mooring cover can be used in the summer and the winter. A light weight heavy duty form fitting mooring cover should easily slip on over your boat and be water-repellent with an elastic hem that will best fit over your small boat giving it a semi-custom fit. It also needs a drawstring cord that tightens and secures the cover so that it will not billow up and blow off in the wind.

If your small boat is towable or will be stored on a trailer during the winter then a protective form fitting trailerable small boat cover with a heavy duty trailering strap is needed to provide a secure, tight, semi-custom fit. The best off-season storage boat cover for a small fishing or hunting boat would be a light waterproof cover that is made of a weather protected polyester marine canvas. These quality breathable slip covers resist mold and mildew, provide UV and sun fade protection and they won't shrink or stretch.

Regardless of your boat’s size, at RV Covers Protect there is a large selection of small multi-purpose boat storage covers that can provide your small boat with either a towable low cost universal boat cover or the best American-made trailerable semi-custom boat cover. At RV Covers Protect our customers will receive friendly courteous customer service and find affordable boat covers that are for sale at cheap discount prices. When placing your order for a small boat cover it will be handled promptly and shipped as quickly as possible. You will be notified by email as soon as your inexpensive small boat cover is shipped so that you know when to expect your boat cover. And if you spend more than $100 you will get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the contiguous continental United States. We will even split the cost of shipping to Canada for our Canadian customers.

Note: Canadian customers should read our policy on shipping to Canada before placing an order or call customer service for more information.