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Protect Your Boat & its Parts with the Best Quality Custom fit Boat Accessories and Covers. Here You Can Buy Canvas Marine Covers for Seats and Center Consoles as well as Boat Accessories at Discount Prices.

Once you get the overall boat covered and protected, then you will need to protect a few other areas. These areas like the seats & the console could use a little more protection than just the boat cover can provide. Many times the boat seats have been exposed to too many years of UV rays that cause the marine vinyl in the boat seats to crack and split.  This can be prevented with the use of a custom boat seat cover. Even if you don’t cover the entire boat, a boat captain’s seat cover will protect the marine vinyl in your seat. It is very expensive when you must reupholster the seats of your boat. Custom boat seat covers could save you a chunk of change.

Many of the small bass boats, runabouts, and T top boats have center consoles that could use a center console cover. This section of the boat is even more important than covering the entire boat. If the center console is left uncovered, water and debris can get into the steering column, the radio and its speakers and other mechanical devices found on your console. This will damage the steering of the boat and cause unnecessary wear and tear on your devices and a very costly problem if you are forced to replace them. If you have a center console on your boat then you could use the protection provided by a center console boat cover. 

All outboard engines (Yamaha, Honda, Mercury, etc.) from 15 to 300 horsepower can benefit from an outboard motor cover that will cover the power head and gear shaft housing. The outboard motor cover provides maximum weather protection to the motor. It really stinks when you are ready to head out to your favorite fishing hole but your plans change because your motor is coughing & sputtering due to water in the line. A universal outboard motor cover would protect the boat’s engine from collecting rain and debris.

A valuable tool for the pontoon and boat owner is a pontoon and boat cover support system that prevents the water from pooling in certain areas of the boat cover. The pole to this system lifts the boat cover high above the highest point on the boat therefore causing the rain, leaves and debris to cascade down the sides and off of the boat cover. 

At RV Covers Protect we try to provide our customers with the best prices on boating accessories and covers that will protect the investment they have made in all of their recreational vehicles. It is our goal to give our customers friendly courteous customer service and cheap discount prices with the fastest possible ordering & delivery process. Then don't forget when your order exceeds $100, shipping is FREE inside the continental 
United States.