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Protect and Weatherproof your Pedestal Boat Seats with New Replacement Slip Covers with Fold Away Storage. Here, you Will Find Marine Seat Covers Sold at Cheap Discount Prices.

Stellex Always Ready Boat Seat CoverStellex Always Ready Boat Seat Cover
Fits pedestal boat seats
70" perimeter, 22"H
Stellex Folding Boat Seat CoverStellex Folding Boat Seat Cover
Fits pedestal folding boat seats
Up to 20" W 17.25" L 13"H

Over time your dependable fishing boat will start to show its age, especially in the boat seats. As the sun beats down on the marine seats year after year, the helm fishing seats will eventually begin to disintegrate, crack & split from the harsh UV rays. When your pedestal fishing boat seats are cracked and split they begin to hold water in the cushions and the foam rubber in the cushions disintegrates at your touch. That is when you know it is time for new replacement boat seats. All of this could have been avoided with the use of inexpensive protective slip on boat seat covers that are easily stored on the boat when the boat is not in use or is in storage. Why wouldn’t you want to have these new protective marine storage covers that takes 30 seconds to install each time you disembark from your fishing boat? Best of all this action of protecting your marine boat seats for years to come can be done at the cheap, discount price of less than $25 per seat.  

Every style of individual pedestals boat seats can be protected by these always ready replacement boat seat slip covers that provide a quick, secure fit due to the elastic cord sewn into the bottom hem of the slip cover. The adjustable replacement folding boat seat covers make your boat seats look new, are easy to use, and fold up quickly for easy storage on the boat.  The slip covers are always ready because its storage sack is found under the pedestal of the boat seat in a storage pack with quick release straps. The adjustable bass boat pedestal helm seat cover is made of the tough polyester Stellex marine canvas, designed for durability and weatherproof protection with fabric coating technology that resists dirt & stains while providing water-resistance and repellency. These new protective boat seat slip covers provide UV and all-season protection with a 4 year warranty from Classic Accessories.

At RV Covers Protect we know the value of protective replacement boat slip covers that save you money by protecting your boat and its accessories. This is a small e-commerce business that brings the savings to you, our customer, because we do not have the huge overhead costs that a large outdoor accessories store would have. Our cheap discount prices will make protecting your boat and its accessories easy on the wallet. We know how important it is to give our customers the best customer service by expediting their order as quickly as possible as well as notifying them when to expect their order of marine seat slip covers from UPS.