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Protect your Snowmobile & Trailer with a Universal All Weather Storage Cover. We offer the Best Trailerable Classic Accessories Deluxe Water Resistant Sledgear Cover that can be Custom Fit to Polaris Ski Doo, Yamaha Arctic Cat, or any other Snowmobile on or off the Trailer for sale here at Cheap Discount Prices.

Deluxe Snowmobile Travel CoverDeluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover
Trailerable cover 101"-127"
3 yr warranty
Snowmobile Storage CoverSnowmobile Storage Cover

Fits 100"-127" snowmobile
2 yr warranty

It is not only a good idea to provide a snowmobile storage cover for your sled over the summer when the days get warmer, it is also good protection for your snow sled to be covered whenever it is not is use during the winter months. It is necessary to protect your snow sled with a snowmobile storage cover because it keeps the snowmobile free from dirt, debris, snow & salt as well as small critters that build homes in the housing. When the snow sled is left uncovered the snowmobile will be exposed to UV rays. The UV rays cause the snowmobile seat covers to crack and split. To reupholster a snowmobile seat will cost you somewhere around $100.  If you don’t get a new seat cover for your snowmobile then the cracks and tears in the seat’s vinyl will retain water, creating a very uncomfortable ride when the next big snow fall arrives. Your snowmobile will be unused for approximately 7-9 months. During that time nicks and scratches on the exterior that are exposed to precipitation will become rusty and corroded. A heavy duty snowmobile cover will provide all weather protection and it will protect your sled from prolonged exposure to sun, wind, rain, and other elements that can wear down the paint and finish, cause moisture damage, and leave your snowmobile covered with dust and dirt. With the protection of a snowmobile cover, you’ll cut down on maintenance and keep your sled looking and running as good as new.

A universal snowmobile storage cover is designed to fit a wide range of snowmobiles- Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ski Doo, Polaris, or Arctic Cat. When purchasing a snowmobile cover, think about how you are going to use the cover. Do you want to use a total storage snowmobile cover that is designed as ski protectors as well as protection for the entire snowmobile or do you only need a storage cover that protects just the snowmobile house & seats? Will you be towing your snow sled on a trailer or do you intend to use the snowmobile cover just when storing it in the shed until it’s time to use the sled again? For everyday use, the elastic stock cord in the cover stretches over the front and back of the snowmobile house and it securely stays on the sled no matter how windy it gets. But if you plan on towing your snowmobile at all on an open trailer, make sure the cover is trailerable with tension straps that tightly secure the cover for highway travel.  A snowmobile towing cover is specially designed to withstand the forces of high speed travel.  A tie down system secures the cover to your snowmobile with built-in quick adjusting straps, and the soft thicker non-scratch material that resists rips and tears from exposure to the strong wind effect created as you tow the trailer on the highway. Some snowmobile sled covers have amenities that make life easier. Consider a built-in strap system so that the straps are not misplaced when you remove the cover. Another accessory of the cover to consider is a fuel access door for filling the gas while it’s on the trailer. Our Sled Gear covers are made of soft but tough ProtekX™ Plus fabric or ProtekX™ Extreme fabric. Elastic cord hems provide a fast, tight fit, while the dual air vents reduce inside moisture and keep the cover down during winds. Most of the snowmobile covers are trailerable with a built-in integrated trailering system.

At RV Covers Protect, our goal is to provide our customers with the best all weather full fit total storage snowmobile cover or storage covers for just the snowmobile house & seats that are for sale at a cheap discount price compared to the price of a factory cover. No matter what brand of snowmobile you purchase (Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ski Doo, Polaris, or Arctic Cat), you will be satisfied with the custom like fit of our universal fit Classic Accessories snowmobile covers. Remember at RV Covers Protects, if you spend over $100 and you live in the continental 48 states, free shipping!