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Protect your Recreational Vehicle with the Best All Weather Extra Strength Ripstop PermaPRO RV Storage Cover for Sale Here at Discount Prices

Perma Pro Class A RV CoversPerma Pro Class A RV Covers

 Ripstop Fabric Provides All Weather & UV Protection
Available in all 3 Sizes
122" - 140" Height
20 ft - 42 ft Length

Perma Pro Class B RV CoverPerma Pro Class B RV Cover

Ripstop Material Provides All Weather UV Protection
18 - 27' Length / 
117-128" Height 
60" Front Width/ 85" rear Width

Perma Pro Class C RV CoversPerma Pro Class C RV Covers

Ripstop All Weather UV Protection
122" - 135" Height
18' - 38' Length

Perma Pro Fifth Wheel CoverPerma Pro Fifth Wheel Cover

 Ripstop Fabric Provides All Weather & UV Protection
Available in all 3 Sizes
122" - 150" Height
20 ft - 44 ft Length

Perma Pro Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer CoverPerma Pro Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer Cover
Perma Pro Pop up/ Folding Camper CoverPerma Pro Pop up/ Folding Camper Cover
Perma Pro R POD Tear Drop Travel Trailer CoverPerma Pro R POD Tear Drop Travel Trailer Cover

Ripstop All Weather UV Protection for R POD
16'2" - 17'7" Trailer Body Length
73” W 93” H

Perma Pro Teardrop Trailer CoverPerma Pro Teardrop Trailer Cover
Perma Pro Travel Trailer RV CoversPerma Pro Travel Trailer RV Covers

Ripstop All Weather UV Protection
114" - 124" Height
15' - 40' Length

Perma Pro Truck Camper CoverPerma Pro Truck Camper Cover
Ripstop All Weather Protection
8' - 12' Length
Perma Pro XTall Class APerma Pro XTall Class A
 Ripstop Fabric Provides All Weather & UV Protection
Available in all 3 Sizes
140" Height
30 ft - 42 ft Length
Perma Pro XTall Fifth Wheel CoversPerma Pro XTall Fifth Wheel Covers
 Ripstop Fabric Provides All Weather & UV Protection 
140" - 150" Height
29 ft - 44 ft Length

PermaPRO RV covers
Protecting anything that is kept outside for the majority of the time is going to be a challenge. Even the pre-fabricated tin houses that people put in the back yards for their outdoor equipment (lawn mower, edger, leaf blower, etc.) will eventually show signs of rust and wear. If you are using a fabric to protect outdoor vehicles and equipment then you can expect that the material will probably not last long. But Classic Accessories’ new extra strength PermaPRO ripstop fabric has defied this belief.
Ripstop material uses the idea that the military used when creating rugged, breathable fabric for parachutes. A parachute must not tear so its material is reinforced with nylon cross hatching to give the fabric the extra strength needed to support the paratrooper in free fall. Even if there is a tear in the material it will not spread due to the cross hatching of nylon.
Classic Accessories uses this same technology in its newest RV cover, the extra strength protective PermaPRO RV storage cover. The PermaPRO RV cover repels water and does what all RV covers do, it protects against dust, dirt, bird droppings, and scratches. Besides its ripstop fabric it also has UV block protection in it fabric, like that of the clothing we can purchase with this type of protection. This UV block also encourages snow to melt so the PermaPRO RV cover also provides snow protection making it an all season (including winter) RV storage cover. This protective RV storage cover uses the lightweight PermaPRO quick drying fabric and the air vent system where the roof meets the sides of the RV. The air vent system and the quick drying breathable fabric reduce wind stress and vent the inside moisture. The adjustable front and rear tension panels, the elasticized hem corners and the integrated strap system combine to provide an adjustable custom fit and reduce cover stress when tightening the straps. The zippered panels allow access to the recreational vehicle at the RV doors and storage compartments. Because of the long zipper pulls a ladder is not needed to reach the roof and a weighted toss bag system eliminates crawling under the RV to install the tension straps at the base of the cover. A zippered storage bag is included and the PermaPRO RV cover is covered by a 4 year warranty.
At RV Covers Protect we want our customers that we will provide the best protective RV cover that meets their needs and promises to provide them the protection that will keep their RV looking like new thereby keeping their re-sale value high. We quickly forward the order to Classic Accessories and then email the tracking information to you so that you will know when to expect your RV cover. As an e-commerce website we are a small business that can send the savings on to you since we do not have the overhead of a large outdoor equipment store and there is always FREE shipping for orders made in the continental contiguous United States.