Folding Camper Trailers and Pop-up RV Covers Folding Camper Trailers and Pop-up RV Covers

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RV Covers Protect

Protect Your Folding Popup Tent Trailer or Hard-sided Pop-up Camper from Winter Storage Issues. Here for Sale are the Best Slip on RV Garage Storage Covers sold at Cheap, Discount Prices.

Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Folding Camping Trailer CoversClassic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Folding Camping Trailer Covers
Size Ranges From:
108” L x 88” W x 42” H -
252” L x 88” W x 42” H
Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe R-Pod Travel Trailer CoverClassic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe R-Pod Travel Trailer Cover

Best Winter & Snow R-POD Cover
73" W by 93" H
13'7" - 17'7" Trailer Body Length

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Folding Camping Trailer CoverClassic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Folding Camping Trailer Cover

Best Winter & Snow Protection
42" Height
7' - 20' Length

Expedition Pop Up CoversExpedition Pop Up Covers

Winter Weather Protection
42" Height
156" - 216" Length

Goldline Folding Camper CoversGoldline Folding Camper Covers
Best Warranty & All Weather UV Protection 
54" Height
149" - 365" Length

Popup folding campers are usually the first experience the RVer has once they decide that it is time to get off the ground and into something more comfortable than a sleeping bag. Pop up tent camping is ideal for exploring the outdoors, traveling the country and camping with family and friends on a low cost budget. These camping trailers don’t take up much space and are easy to store. Because these camper trailers will virtually last forever, you want them to continue to look their best and keep up their re-sale value even into the next decade.  Dust, dirt, birds, insects, tree sap, and UV rays can turn a new slip on folding pop up tent camper dirty & old in a matter of a few short months.

If your style of camping is with a pull behind folding popup tent camper, you also have the luxury of the best easy storage with a protective slip cover that will keep your pop-up clean, close up all nooks & crannies that animals & insects could burrow into to make a nest or home and protect the tent camper from UV rays or rain until you are ready to camp again.

When considering the purchase of the best pop-up trailer cover for your needs you should start with the type of protection you need. There are obviously varying degrees of protection for your folding pop-up tent trailer. If you have a protected structure where you park your camping trailer like a garage or shed then you are just looking for a slip on dust cover to keep the camper or trailer clean. These single –ply covers are dust covers that are for sale a cheap discount prices. If you are wanting protection for your folding camper or trailer for the winter months then you need to consider the 3-ply top with single ply sides. The 3-ply top provides three layers of winter storage protection because the layers are breathable and release the moisture from rain and snow. This roof top slip on cover protects the camper/trailer from water pooling on the top as well as the snow cycle, melting & refreezing then sitting for months, on your popup folding camper trailer. The three-ply covers also provide moderate UV protection for folding tent trailers in the northern part of the US. With that said it is vital for you to consider the climate in the area in which you live. If you are storing your folding pop-up tent trailer in a desert or an area that has more than 3 months of 90º or higher temperatures then you are going to need a slip on cover that is made of woven material. Only a cover made of a woven fabric can stand up to the rigors of extreme UV rays. The winter storage covers say that they are UV resistant but in no way are they able to stand up to the UV rays of the desert Southwest or the humid sub-tropical South. 

It is always important when ordering your pop up cover that you measure your folding camper yourself. It is hard to believe but the specs given to you in your RV paperwork & handbook, are not always accurate representations of the true length of your RV.  Just because your RV brochure or pdf file says that the motorhome is 12 feet in length does not mean that when you go to measure the motorhome that it will truly measure 12 feet.

Step 1: Length, the most important measurement.
You need to measure the length of the pop up from bumper to bumper. Do not include the hitch.
Step 2: Height.
Measure the height of your folding camper from the highest point on the roof to the bottom of the chassis. The goal is to see that you have enough fabric to adequately cover the sides of the pop up. Do not measure to the ground. Because there is enough fabric in the width of the cover to accommodate the air conditioner, you do not have to include the height of the air conditioner.  

RV Covers Protects promises to provide our customers with the best knowledgeable customer service. We offer our customers quick, expert information that will quickly provide them with the best slip on RV cover for their needs. Even if our customers decide to shop at Walmart or Camping World, the likelihood of their RV cover being on the shelf and ready for use is almost nil. At RV Covers Protect there is a large selection of protective storage covers for popup folding tent camping trailers for sale at cheap discount prices. The RV covers sold on this site are manufactured by two companies: Eevelle from Carlsbad California, and Classic Accessories from Kent, Washington.  These companies back their products with multi-year no hassle warranties. Camping World & Walmart do not have the storage space & will need to order the protective pop-up folding tent trailer slip cover from the same manufacturers. So skip the trip to Camping World or Walmart and save time and money with RV Covers Protect AND don’t forget there is FREE Shipping in the continental United States for all orders more than $100 and no sales tax unless you live in Georgia.

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