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Weatherproof your Motorhome, Camper or Trailer’s Roof with the Best Slip on Snow Cover, Expedition RV Cover. Here We Have a Quality Winter Storage Cover for Sale at an Affordable Discount Price.

Expedition Class A CoversExpedition Class A Covers
3 Ply Poly Pro Roof & Sides Winter Protection
120" Height
252" - 516" Length
Expedition Class B CoversExpedition Class B Covers
Winter Weather Protection
246" - 318" Length
117" Height
Expedition Class C CoversExpedition Class C Covers

3 Ply PolyPro Roof / 1 Ply Sides for Winter Protection
108" Height
258" - 462" Length

Expedition Fifth Wheel RV CoversExpedition Fifth Wheel RV Covers
Winter Snow Protection
120" Height
282" - 498" Length
Expedition Pop Up CoversExpedition Pop Up Covers

Winter Weather Protection
42" Height
156" - 216" Length

Expedition Toy Hauler Covers (Travel Trailer body)Expedition Toy Hauler Covers (Travel Trailer body)
Winter Storage Cover (Travel Trailer body)
120-124" Height
252" - 444" Length
Expedition Travel Trailer RV CoversExpedition Travel Trailer RV Covers
3 Layered Poly Pro Roof & Sides
Winter Weather Protection
104" Height
197" - 462" Length
Expedition Truck Camper CoversExpedition Truck Camper Covers

Winter Weather Protection
8' - 12' Length

Snow! What that four letter word can do to your RV motorhome, camper, or 5th wheel travel trailer! It accumulates on the roof and if it does not have a way of melting then it will harden on the roof of your camper or motorhome and could sit there for months. The weight alone of 12” of snow can be a problem for the roof of most lightweight campers or trailers. Over the course of the winter and into early spring the snow begins a cycle of melting & refreezing. Any seam on your RV could become the entry point of the melting snow. When the water refreezes it expands which could put pressure on the seams causing them to expand and open up. Before long, the melting snow leaks into the insulation. When the insulation becomes saturated, you will begin to see water stains along the RV interior’s ceiling. When water is trapped in the insulation dry-rotting could begin and even worse is the growth of mold that will contaminate everything in your motorhome, camper or trailer. If the extreme weight of the heavy snow isn’t enough to outright collapse the roof, the water seeping in will quickly do damage amounting to many thousands of dollars and lowering the re-sale value of your RV.  With that in mind the best thing you can do for your motorhome or camping trailer is to purchase an RV winter storage cover. 
The rugged Expedition RV cover is designed to protect your RV from the harshest winter weather conditions with a vented 3 ply top that is breathable and allows air flow between the RV’s roof, the RV cover and the air outside. The best RV snow cover is vented with a super strong 3-layer roof that is water repellent and mildew resistant. The darker color absorbs the sun’s rays and encourages the melting snow to flow smoothly off the RV cover. The Expedition RV cover is made of durable UV inhibitor fabric that also protects against sun damage and dirt. The Expedition RV storage cover will protect your motorhome, camper or RV trailer from moderate sun damage. It is not recommended to protect RVs in areas with strong UV rays like in Florida, southern California, and the desert areas of Arizona and Nevada.  This slip on RV cover provides a custom fit due to the adjustable front & rear tension panels, the elasticized corners, and the tension loops that tighten the cover through the sizing straps that connect with rugged quick release buckles. You have easy access to the front, back and sides of your RV through the multiple zippered panels that simply roll up and Velcro into place when you need to access the motorhome, camper or RV trailer. Included with the Expedition RV cover is a convenient storage bag, marine grade tie-downs and a ladder cover. The Expedition RV cover is manufactured to perform season after season for years to come and it is backed with a 3 year warranty.
At RV Covers Protect you can expect affordable discount prices on all Expedition RV covers, customer service that is second to none and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100 in the contiguous continental US. Your orders will be handled promptly and as soon as UPS has picked up your RV cover you will be notified with tracking information so that you know when to expect your package.