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Protect against Wind and Rain with Easy to Install Portable Removable Golf Cart Windshields from Classic Accessories. Here We Sell Super Clear Windshields That Roll up for Easy Storage at Cheap Discount Prices.

The game of golf's biggest enemy is the weather. For the avid golfer, rain, snow & extremely cold days are the only reasons golfers stay away from the course. Add to this mix wind that blows debris into the cart as you drive the course in your golf cart and you have a few good reasons to stay home. 

Fortunately portable removable windshields that store in your golf bag, attach in seconds to most golf carts and shield you from the rain and wind have been developed by both Classic Accessories and Greenline. The weather shield windshields from both companies is removable and yet protects you from rain and other elements when driving, while offering superior visibility due to fact that they are handcrafted from the finest and clearest materials available. What more could you ask for in a portable, removable windshield than protection and excellent visibility?

At RV Covers Protect we know how important it is to keep you on the golf course so we take your order seriously and ship it as quickly as possible. Then when the order is shipped, we provide you with an email that tells you exactly when to expect your golf cart accessories from UPS.