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Protect your Dory Drift Boat with the Best Low Cost Lightweight Mooring or Trailerable Storage Cover. Here our Semi Custom Breathable Marine Canvas Drift Boat Covers are For Sale at Cheap Discount Prices.

WindStorm Cover for Drift BoatsWindStorm Cover for Drift Boats
10' - 20' Centerline, Beam Width 84"-96”
Trailerable, waterproof, breathable cover with UV inhibitor

7 yr warranty

Summer is winding to an end and fall has finally arrived. This is your favorite time of year because it is the best time of year for drifting, rafting and fishing the big western rivers. Your drift boat (or dory) is ideal for river fishing. It is easy to maneuver, offers steady footing in the rapids and is quick to launch. As the fall slowly turns to winter and it is time to store your drift boat you are going to face the off-season problems of maintaining your drift boat through the winter.  Any small boat that is stored outside during the winter is going to need the protection of a boat storage cover because rain and snow can cause costly damage to the hull of your dory if left unprotected.
The best quality off-season heavy duty drift boat cover needs to be made of the best weather protected marine-grade canvas fabric.  The form fitting drift boat cover from WindStorm is treated with Micro-pore technology which resists mold and mildew and it won't shrink or stretch.  This portable lightweight drift boat mooring cover has a strong Alpine shock cord sewn with mildew resistant thread into the hem and secures with rugged loop tie-downs & marine cross grade double stitching. This inexpensive dory cover is protected by the industry’s best 7 year warranty and as an added bonus you get a FREE matching motor cover and a set of 12 heavy duty tie-down straps.
If you trailer your drift boat and need a towable boat cover, then you will need a breathable drift boat storage cover. The WindStorm drift boat cover has been speed tested for ultimate durability and it offers low cost exceptional trailering performance. Because the WindStorm drift boat cover is the only semi custom fit boat cover with MicroPore technology, this drift boat cover will reduce wind resistance and allow the best gas mileage out of any trailerable boat cover on the market.
The goal at RV Covers Protect is to provide you, our customer, with the best American made semi custom all weather dory or drift boat storage cover at a discount price compared to the price of a factory cover. You will receive courteous and knowledgeable customer service and find the best affordable drift boat covers for sale here at cheap discount prices. Your orders will be handled promptly and shipped as quickly as possible. You will be notified by email as soon as the drift boat cover is shipped so that you know when to expect your dory cover. In addition when you spend more than $100 you will get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental United States.