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RV Covers Protect
Protect the Spare Tires of your RV, Car, Jeep, Camper, Trailer, SUV or Truck with Universal or Custom Fit Spare Tire Covers. Here You Will Find for Sale Black White or Grey Spare Tire Covers Sold at Low Discount Prices.

Many types of RVs, Jeeps, campers, trailers, trucks and SUVs are equipped with spare tires found on the back of these vehicles to maximize storage areas. The best spare tire covers on these motor vehicles protect the spare tire from the effects of ozone and the sun’s UV rays that work together to accelerate the process of dry rot. These spare tire covers will usually last a maximum of 4-5 years. Once these covers begin to tear apart their ability to protect the tires has begun to diminish. Tires can develop dry rot without being used. The walls of the tires show cracking and splitting while the thread still looks good. If it becomes necessary to use these tires, the dry rot can cause blow outs that will result in hundreds of dollars of destruction. By replacing the spare tire covers for around $30 you can protect your family, wallet, and recreational vehicle from unnecessary damage.

Spare tire covers from Classic Accessories comes in three colors: snow white, black, and grey. The universal spare tire cover provides inexpensive heavy duty all-weather protection for spare tires on RVs, trucks and conversion vans. The affordable universal fit vinyl spare tire cover comes in two sizes: small for the wheel diameter ranging from 26.75”–29.75” and large for the wheel diameters 30”-33”. In order to cover the wide range of tire diameters needed to fit the spare tires of heavy duty trucks, vans, SUVs, Jeeps, pop up campers, travel trailers, and utility or horse trailers, the spare tire covers are also available in eight custom fit sizes in black, grey & white. These spare tire vinyl covers are waterproof and UV & mildew resistant with an elasticized back hem for fast and adjustable fit. Both the universal fit spare tire cover and the custom fit spare tire cover comes with a 3 year warranty.

At RV Covers Protect you can always count on customer service that is second to none. You can depend on fast & efficient ordering and prompt notification of tracking information when your order is shipped by UPS. At RV Covers Protect we promise that you will only find the best spare tire covers for sale at economical prices that will protect your tire investment. Our spare tire covers are sold by Classic Accessories. Classic Accessories has a long history of providing the consumer with economically priced vehicle covers that protect their wallet as well as their recreational vehicle.