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Protect Your Class C Motorhome, Its Windshield & Engine with the Best Quality Semi Custom fit Class C RV Cover. Here you will find Class C Caravan Covers for Winter or Sun Protection For Sale at Discount Prices.

Expedition Class C CoversExpedition Class C Covers

3 Ply PolyPro Roof / 1 Ply Sides for Winter Protection
108" Height
258" - 462" Length

Expedition S2 Class C RV CoversExpedition S2 Class C RV Covers
Marine Grade Roof/ PolyPro Sides 
All Weather Protection
108" Height
270" - 390" Length
Goldline Class C Motor Home CoverGoldline Class C Motor Home Cover
Best Warranty & All Weather UV Protection
110" Height
245" - 509" Length
Perma Pro Class C RV CoversPerma Pro Class C RV Covers

Ripstop All Weather UV Protection
122" - 135" Height
20' - 38' Length

PolyPro III™ Deluxe Class C RV CoverPolyPro III™ Deluxe Class C RV Cover

Best Winter & Snow Protection
122" - 135" Height
20'-38' Length

SkyShield™ Class C RV CoverSkyShield™ Class C RV Cover
Tyvek UV Roof Protection/ Ripstop Sides
122" - 140" Height
20' - 42' Length
Traveler Class C RV CoversTraveler Class C RV Covers

Inexpensive Dust Cover
108" Height
18' - 38' Length

Since the Class C RV is the cutaway van chassis, these conversion campers have many sections that could after many years have moisture damage in the gaskets and crevices where the camper has been mounted to the truck cab.   Because the front end includes an engine and a cockpit area much like a conversion van or pickup truck, extra protection is needed to prevent early signs of deterioration. When not in use your Class C motorhome can sit for weeks even months being exposed to the UV rays of the sun that fade and crack the interior and exterior of your mini motorhome or eventually crack the windshield. If you are parked under trees then tree sap, pollen, and leaves could accumulate on your vehicle leaving mold and mildew to stain the gaskets and moldings on the exterior or create the unsightly black marks that run off the roof and discolor the sides of your motorhome. Over an extended period of time, the engine of the Class C truck caravan is exposed to rain and snow that can leak under the hood and cause damage to the engine.
A Class C motorhome cover offers protection to the exterior of your RV from dust, dirt, bird droppings, seasonal debris, and tree sap. The best Class C motorhome cover will reflect the infrared rays of the sun off the windshield & the exterior, block the sun’s UV rays that fade the interior and destroy the exterior design, as well as keep the temperatures lower inside the caravan RV. With a lightweight breathable RV cover you are able to maintain the “brand new” appearance of your RV and preserve the motorhome’s resale value. A winter storage cover made of 3 ply polypropylene allows moisture to escape through the specially engineered waterproof fabric and prevents mold and mildew from settling on the exterior. The best Class C RV winter storage cover is made of triple layers of polypropylene which is water resistant and protects the critical roof surface and the roof-mounted accessories from the environmental elements. All winter storage RV motorhome covers for sale on this website do have a moderate amount of UV protection from the sun, free shipping & delivery and have a 3 year warranty.

If you are in need of a motorhome cover that protects your Class C motorhome, its engine and its cab windshield from intense heat and the sun’s extreme UV rays then you should consider a woven cover that does not disintegrate when stored in the Southern and Southwestern sections of the United States. The best Class C RV motorhome covers are made of a woven material that provides a waterproof boundary between the environment and the motorhome. This tight weave fabric is strong, often referred to as ripstop, and can provide the best UV protection from the sun as well as being able to stand up to the windiest conditions. In addition these ripstop UV resistant caravan covers have the industry’s best warranties and are rated #1 in customer satisfaction. With both the Class C winter RV motorhome cover and the Class C woven UV resistant motorhome cover not only is the exterior of the your mini motorhome protected but the engine, the windshield, roof and all mechanisms of the Class C caravan are kept dry and protected from all weather conditions- winter or summer. All Class C RV motorhome covers are easy to install, are designed for Class C motorhomes that range in size from 18 - 42 ft. in length, and because they are for sale here at cheap discount prices these protective covers provide an economical alternative to expensive indoor storage.

It is always important when ordering your RV cover that you measure your RV yourself. It is hard to believe but the specs given to you in your RV paperwork & handbook, are not always accurate representations of the true length of your Class C motorhome RV.  Just because your RV brochure or pdf file says that the motorhome is 34 feet in length does not mean that when you go to measure the motorhome that it will truly measure 34 feet. With that in mind, you will need pencil, paper, measuring tape, another person to hold the tape, and a ladder to accurately measure your motorhome or coach. 

Step 1: Length, the most important measurement.
You need to measure the length of the RV from the longest two points- bumper to bumper.  Be sure to include a ladder, a back bumper, or a spare tire on the back bumper.  You might want to specify exactly how far from the back of the RV that these items stick out. 
Step 2: Height.
Measure the height of your RV from the highest point on the roof to the bottom of the chassis. The goal is to see that you have enough fabric to adequately cover the sides of the Class C RV motorhome. Do not measure to the ground. Because there is enough fabric in the width of the cover to accommodate 
roof top accessories like satellites and A/C’s, you do not have to include the height of the air conditioner.  
At RV Covers Protect we pride ourselves with providing outstanding customer service. Not only do we provide our customers with knowledgeable honest information, but we also keep the communication flowing with email updates until the Class C caravan cover is on the UPS truck and heading your way. We want only to provide the best Class C RV motorhome cover that will form a protective barrier from the climate or seasons during storage. There is always free shipping and delivery for all the Class C motorhome covers for sale here at RV Covers Protect and you can count on the best discount prices on the Internet.