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Protect Your 4X4 from Rain & UV Rays with the Best Waterproof 4-wheeler Canopy by Classic Accessories. The Durable Long-lasting ATV/ UTV Enclosure Top Attaches to the Roll Cage Bar.  Here You Can Purchase a New or Replacement Soft Cloth Roll Cage Top For Sale at a Cheap Discount Price.

We do not carry portable replacement roll cage tops for all types of UTV side-by-side vehicles. Below you will find the dimensions of the roll cage tops we do carry. Always measure your roll cage before ordering a heavy-duty roll cage top from Classic Accessories.

Kawasaki® Mule 600, 610, 610 4x4, 610 4x4 XC
18-079-010401-00 Black  
29.5”L x 50.5”H
18-080-016001-00 Next Vista G1
Kawasaki® Mule 4000, 4010 4x4, 4010 4x4 Diesel
18-077-010401-00 Black  
29”L x 58.5”W
18-076-016001-00 Next Vista G1
Kawasaki® Teryx 750 F1 18-081-010401-00 Black 35”L x 50”W (Front) x 55”W (Back)
Kawasaki® Mule Pro FX & DX 2015+ Roll Cage Top 18-150-010401-RT Black 59.5”L x 50.5”H
Polaris® RZR 4, 4 800, XP 4 900 18-054-010407-00 Black 73”L x 50.5”W
Polaris® RZR, 570, 800, S 800, XP 900 18-006-010401-00 Black 38.75”L x 40”W
Polaris® Ranger ’02- ‘08
78777 Black  
38”L x 58”W
18-083-016001-00 Next Vista G1
Polaris® Ranger Mid-Size 400, 570 EFI, 800 EFI, EV
18-084-010401-00 Black  
33”L x 48”W
18-085-016001-00 Next Vista G1
Polaris® Ranger 900 XP 18-086-010401-00 Black 38”L x 54”W
Polaris® Ranger 800 Full Size, 6x6 800, Diesel 18-089-010401-00 Black 35”L x 54.5” (Front) x 58”W (Back)
18-090-016001-00 Next Vista G1
Yamaha® Rhino 18-091-010401-00 Black  
34”L x 60”W
18-092-016001-00 Next Vista G1
Yamaha® Viking 2015+ Roll Cage Top 18-163-010401-RT Black 46”L x 56.75”W (Front) x 60.75” W (Back)

When out & about on your UTV doing chores around the premises, the sun beats down on you. That’s when you realize that you need an affordable roll cage top to keep the sun off and keep you cooler during the summer. Whether you need a new or replacement roll cage top, these water resistant soft roll cage tops from Classic Accessories are rugged, easy to install and provide overhead protection that will keep the rain and sun off your head and body. These soft roll cage tops are made of heavy duty ProtekX6 fabric which has a water resistant backing and exterior coating for maximum weather and abrasion protection. The custom fit roll cage top attaches to the roll cage with four cinch-tight straps, rip-n-grip strips and two tension panel straps. For added security, adhesive rip-n-grip tabs secure the top in place and the rip-n-grip panel on the front accommodates windshields that are sold separately.
The Classic Accessories roll cage tops come in black or camouflage and are made for Kawasaki (Mule 600, 610, 4000,  4010, Teryx 750), Polaris (Ranger 2002-2008, Ranger Mid-size 400, 570, 800, Ranger 900 XP, and Ranger Full-size 800) and the Yamaha Rhino. Even though these roll cage tops are made specifically for these brands, these Classic Accessories roll cage tops could possibly fit your UTV. Send me ab enail with the year, make & model of yur UTV and I will check to see if  one of these roll cage top models will fit the roll bar of your UTV.
At RV Covers Protect you will find a huge selection of soft roll cage tops that will provide shelter during warmer months from sun and rain. These Classic Accessories roll cage tops are sold here at a cheap discount price. You can depend on RV Covers Protect to efficiently take your order and to ship your roll cage top out quickly so that overhead protection will be available to you as soon as possible.