Bimini Top Hardware & Accessories Bimini Top Hardware & Accessories

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Protect Your Boat & Pontoon with Quality Bimini Top Parts & Marine Accessories. Here, You Can Buy Stainless Steel Deck Mounts, Rear Support Poles,  and Frame Fittings.  

Bimini Clip for Square TubingBimini Clip for Square Tubing
Bimini Clips for 7/8" Round TubingBimini Clips for 7/8" Round Tubing
Bimini Strap KitBimini Strap Kit
Rear Support Poles for Bimini topsRear Support Poles for Bimini tops
Stainless steel deck mounts for Bimini TopsStainless steel deck mounts for Bimini Tops
Summerset Bimini Privacy RoomSummerset Bimini Privacy Room

Privacy Room 30"L X 30"W X 70" H
Easy Installation under Bimini top
Hardware & straps included

Your Bimini top and parts have been on your boat or pontoon for quite some time. The frame fittings and deck mounts have lost their shine and are beginning to show some wear and tear. Isn’t it about time that you changed out the Bimini top hardware with stainless steel replacements deck mounts, a new set of fittings for the Bimini straps, and possibly adding rear support poles to hold your Bimini tighter when you are traveling at top speed. You might even consider changing the tubing on the boat or pontoon Bimini. With a few minor adjustments your Bimini top will look good as new, and make you proud of the new look you have given to your boat or pontoon.

New aftermarket marine accessories and stainless steel mounts could also be added to your deck or Bimini top. Now available are Bimini top clips that you and your passengers can use for drying towels and clothing. The new round or square tubing Bimini clips are great for hanging out wet clothing and towels that accumulate while on the water. After a few minutes in the breeze, your clothes and towels are dry and ready to be used again. OR by being a little creative, you could create shade using the Bimini clips to create a quiet secluded “towel room” that blocks out the sun and provides a resting area for a little one to take a  nap so the rest of the family can stay out on the water longer. Hang towels, clothing, a tarp, or sheet on the round or square tubing of your Bimini top frame & secure them with the new BiminiClips to create your own private oasis out in the middle of the river.

Many female passengers find the aftermarket addition of a Bimini privacy room the best marine accessory one could add to a boat or pontoon. The Bimini privacy room can be mounted to the Bimini top frame on the round or square tubing frame hardware. This room provides a bathroom facility on the deck of a boat or pontoon for the ladies that no longer enjoy jumping overboard when they need to use the portable toilet.

At RV Covers Protects we want to make your life on your pontoon or boat the most enjoyable experience with Bimini top hardware and deck accessories that give you pride of ownership and helps to maintain your boat or pontoon Bimini top with little or no maintenance issues. At RV Covers Protect you will receive courteous and knowledgeable customer service. Your orders will be handled promptly and shipped as quickly as possible. You will be notified by email as soon as the product is shipped so that you know when to expect your Bimini top parts and hardware. Remember you always get the cheapest discount prices here because when you spend more than $100 you will get FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the continental United States and there is no sales tax unless you live in Georgia.