Rear Support Poles for Bimini tops

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Rear Support Poles for Bimini tops
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Bimini Rear Support Poles 

Bimini rear support poles are specially designed to hold your Bimini top up and out of the way when it is folded and not in use. Each package contains 2- 24" rear support poles and 2 mounting saddles to provide a brace that mounts the poles to the boat. Stainless steel mounting hardware is also included. These poles are designed to fit a Bimini top that already has a mounting bracket on the main bow to accommodate support poles. 

***NOTE: Rear Support Poles brace kit is intended for use with our SUMMERSET line of 3 bow boat Biminis.  They are designed to fit the Summerset Bimini frames and may not fit frames from other manufacturers. All SUMMERSET ELITE 3 bow boat Biminis come with rear support poles included. This product is not needed for 4 bow pontoon Biminis as all of them come with rear support poles.***

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