Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Travel Trailer Covers

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Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Travel Trailer Covers
Fits travel trailers up to 118 inches high, measured from ground to roof, excluding AC units. Overall length includes bumper and ladder but not hitch.PermaPRO ripstop fabric with nylon cross hatchingPerma Pro Fabric
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Protect your Travel Trailer Toy Hauler RV from maximum sunlight, rain and snow with the extra strength ripstop water & tear resistant 100% woven polyester PermaPro RV Covers, the best all weather cover for standard and tall camper trailers on sale here at the best possible discount prices.

Uses and Benefits

  • Maximum strength all weather Water-Resistant Weatherproof, UV Proof Standard and Tall Travel Trailer Toy Hauler RV Protective Cover
  • Maximum Strength all Weather Rain, Snow & Sun/UV Protection
  • Maximum Strength Dirt and Debris Protection
  • Ideal for all Climates from cold wet winters to hot summers with extreme UV
  • Standard and Tall Travel Trailer Toy Hauler Dimensions: 114" - 124" Height X 15' - 40' Length


  • Lightweight, less bulky RV cover, easy to install and store
  • Breathable Woven Tear Resistant Quick Drying Water Repelling PermaPRO Ripstop Fabric
  • Air vent system with 3 air vents on each side vents inside moisture and prevents mold & mildew;
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels, elasticized hem corners provide custom fit
  • Side tension panels reduce cover stress when tightening the straps
  • Integrated under carriage strap system with click-close straps & 3-5 connection points depending on the length of the trailer
  • Zippered panels on the passenger side allow access to RV doors and storage compartments
  • Has back zipper panel that allows access for toy haulers
  • Includes: zippered expandable storage sack, weighted toss bag
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The weatherproof PermaPRO line is lightweight, repels water and protects against dirt and sun damage. There is an air vent system built into the RV cover for quick drying and evaporation of inside moisture. This feature prevents the build up of mold & mildew. PermPRO custom fit RV all weather covers are made of ripstop material that utilizes a visible, reinforced nylon cross hatching throughout the fabric. In most fabrics the nylon cross stitching can be felt as a raised box or diamond pattern.  The quality versatile ripstop fabrics are used in all areas of outdoor wear that cannot afford to rip when in use. Parachutes, parasails, fire safety uniforms, as well as camouflaged uniforms & equipment for the military are all made of ripstop fabrics. One of the best attributes of this material is that it is thin, lightweight, and even breathable. Classic Accessories stands behind their quality product with a limited lifetime warranty.

Because the PermaPRO trailer RV cover is less bulky than most, it comes in a storage bag with handles for easy transportation and storage. Classic Accessories has even taken into account that it is nearly impossible to get the contour-fit cover back into the storage cover bag so they have developed a zippered storage bag that expands five additional inches so that you can get the RV cover back in the bag when you want to store the cover itself. This specially designed PermaPRO travel trailer RV cover provides maximum protection against all agents of wear that the exposed camper trailer would encounter. The ripstop PermaPRO RV cover protects the RV in the summer against the damage done by UV rays as well as the effects of snow & rain over an extended winter season.

RV Covers Protect will always provide their customers with a wide selection of the best discount RV covers on sale on the Internet. Since this is an e-commerce business, our company is open on the weekends and extended hours in the evening so that we can serve our customers with the best customer advice about the affordable RV covers on sale on our website. We offer FREE shipping of PermaPRO travel trailer RV snow covers to anywhere in the continental United States. 

Travel Trailer
Model 0

Travel Trailer
Model 1

Travel Trailer
Model 2

Travel Trailer
Model 3

Travel Trailer
Model 4

Travel Trailer
Model 5

15-18’ L
114” H

18-20’ L
118” H

20-22’ L
118” H

22-24’ L
118” H

24-27’ L
118” H

118” H







Travel Trailer
Model 6

Travel Trailer
Model 7

Travel Trailer
Model 7T

Travel Trailer
Model 8T

Travel Trailer
Model 9T

30-33’ L
118” H

33-35’ L
118” H

33-35’ L
124” H

35-38’ L
124” H

38-40’ L
124” H






When measuring the height of the trailer remember to measure from the roof to the base if the travel trailer's chassis.  Do not include the AC unit(s) in the measurement of the height.

When measuring the length of the travel trailer, measure from bumper to bumper including the ladder.

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