Greenline Yamaha Drive Storage Cover

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Greenline Yamaha Drive Storage Cover
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Protect your 2 passenger Yamaha Drive golf cart against wind, rain and other weather conditions with a universal slip-on Greenline golf cart storage cover, made of Durapel woven polyester fabric, for sale here at the best discount sale prices on the Internet.
Uses & Benefits
  • Weatherproof, Waterproof and UV Proof golf cart storage cover
  • Heavy Rain, Snow, Wind, Dirt/Debris Protection 
  • Protects flip down rear seat golf carts from sun, weather damage and dirt
  • Fits most two-person golf carts with flip down rear seats 
  • Dimensions for 2 passenger Yamaha Drive: 90" L x 48" W x 62" H; Weight 3 lbs.
  • 410 D Durapel woven polyester fabric guaranteed to be UV and mildew resistant.
  • Tough fabric treated for maximum water resistance and repellency
  • UV resistant fabric won't shrink or stretch and is mildew resistant
  • Easy, slip on golf cart storage cover installs in minutes and fits like a glove
  • Convenient rear zipper for easy entry and installation
  • Elasticized cord in bottom hem for a secure, custom like fit
  • Cable locks to prevent theft or unwanted removal;
  • Dual rear heat vents for hot summer days reduce wind lofting & inside moisture;
  • Handy rear zipper for easy entry
  • Installs in minutes without tools
  • Includes integrated storage bag, cable & lock system
  • 1 Year warranty

Greenline protective golf cart storage cover provides waterproof all weather resistance, with roll-down sides, lock down J hooks, heavy duty water repellent, UV & mildew resistant and easy access to clubs. Provide storage protection and protection while you are using your golf cart, on sale here at the best possible cheap discount online sales price.

Your golf cart certainly got a workout this past summer but now that the winter weather has arrived it is too cold to use the handy cart for errands or at the golf course. Now you need to protect our golf cart from the most damaging weather it can encounter, winter. When a golf cart is left unprotected for an extended period of time a layer of mildew will develop on the seats and all of the plastic parts on the exterior. If you have rain or snow followed by a freeze this cycle of freezing, melting & refreezing will cause stress to all the seams, cracks & crevices that will expand with every refreeze. Eventually several parts and seat covers will need to be replaced or your golf cart will need to be refurbished. What you need is a universal slip on storage cover that will keep the rain and snow off your golf cart until spring arrives.
The Greenline Universal Two Passenger Yamaha Drive Slip-on Storage covers are made of a tough fabric that was treated for maximum water resistance and repellency and designed to protect your golf cart from all weather conditions including sun, wind and rain. This UV resistant Yamaha Drive Storage cover is made with 300 Repel Denier Polyester fabric that won’t shrink or stretch. The cover has a rear zipper for easy entry and installation and rear air vents that reduce inside moisture and wind lofting. The elasticized cord in the hem helps to produce a custom like fit and has a cable lock that deters theft & unwanted removal. Did you know that studies show that a covered bike, motorcycle or golf cart is less likely to be stolen than one that is not covered?  It comes in tan, installs in minutes, and has a one year warranty. Your golf cart will be protected and continue to look great for many years.
At RV Covers Protect we specialize in getting our customers the right golf cart storage cover or the driveable enclosures that they need with minimal ordering and shipping problems. As soon as the golf storage cover is on the UPS truck you will receive an email with the tracking information so that you know when to expect your new universal storage cover for your golf cart. Remember when the fun’s over, RV Covers Protect.

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