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GoldLine Travel Trailer Covers
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Protect your Travel Trailer from maximum sunlight, rain and snow with 100% water resistant Goldline RV Covers, the Best Summer UV Cover for Standard height camper trailers on sale here at the best possible discount prices.

Uses and Benefits

  • Weatherproof, Waterproof and UV Proof Travel Trailer Storage Cover
  • Strong UV, Sun and Heat Protection
  • Strong Rain, Snow, Wind, Dirt/Debris Protection
  • Superior strength protects against tearing
  • Best for all climates including extreme winter and hot summer conditions
  • Dimensions of Standard Size Travel Trailer 104" H x 149" - 557" L


  •  Extra plush 100% Tru-weave fabric technology
  • Treated with super duty UV Sun Inhibitor for maximum sunlight protection
  • 100% waterproof Sof-Tech marine coating; Prevents rot, mold and mildew
  • Microporous film allows superior breathability, preventing rot and mildew
  • 3-4 side panels on each side roll up & Velcro in place to provide access to doors & compartments
  • Tie down tension flags are sewn into the cover and secured with heavy duty quick release buckles;
  • Anti-hit reflective strips are added to the front & back of the cover for safety at night
  • Access panels on the passenger side with a zippered rear access panel for a toy hauler
  • Available in tan or gray
  • Industries best 5-year warranty

It does not matter where you live in the United States, the Goldline RV cover is the best protective RV cover made for your travel trailer. The durable long-lasting Goldline cover can handle any weather- wind, rain, snow, extreme heat & UV rays. But if you live in the South or Southwest where the temperatures are extreme for most of the year (90° and above) and the UV rays of the sun fade everything, you need a Goldline RV Cover. Many snowbirds move to the South or Southwest during the winter in their travel trailers to escape the extreme cold of their northern home. When it is time to return to their northern home and leave your winter trailer home for several months, a protective cover is a must to keep the dirt, dust, bird droppings and critters out of your travel trailer as well as protecting it for the UV rays and flying debris that weather occasionally stirs up. Your RV needs the best UV protective RV cover available to protect your stored travel trailer RV for the summer months. Unlike RV covers made of polypropylene, the Goldline cover will not dissolve in the heat and powder away at touch in a matter of months. Just ask your RV buddies! Because of its quality craftsmanship and durability, the Goldline cover is highly reviewed and rated #1 in customer satisfaction.
The Goldline RV cover is made of a soft all-weather Tru-weave breathable material and has the Sof-Tech marine coating technology that makes this woven protective cover 100% water resistant, meaning it prevents rot, mold and mildew.  Not only is this a superior winter cover but the UV Sun Inhibitor applied to the fabric makes it the best summer UV cover that protects your RV from maximum sunlight. The Goldline cover features multiple Everest Glove extended zipper pulls for those extremely cold winter days.  These zipper pulls with anti-scratch sleeves prevent scratching of the travel trailer’s exterior and allows access to all the doors and storage areas of the camper trailer, even the toy hauler ramp.  These side panels just roll up and Velcro the door into place wherever you need them. The tie down tension flags are sewn into the cover and use heavy duty quick release buckles to secure the travel trailer cover. Anti-hit reflective strips are added to the front & back of the cover for safety at night. The high end reinforced elasticized corners and the sizing straps give the all-weather travel trailer cover a snug, custom fit. This slip-on storage cover does it all- in all types of weather conditions! Check out the reviews. But best of all (I can’t emphasize it enough) Goldline stands behind their product with the best warranty for RV covers- five years! When considering how long this cover will last you, it is truly a discount RV storage cover.

At RV Covers Protect we strive to give the best customer service and advice about RV covers. Having been in the business since 2009, we know what most of the RV covers for sale on the Internet will do to protect the customer’s investments while they live the RV lifestyle. Compared to indoor storage, this soft affordable protective cover, can protect your travel trailer at a fraction of the cost and its warranty promises to last 5 years regardless of what type of weather or where you store your trailer. Since this is an e-commerce business, our company is open on the weekends and extended hours in the evening so that we can serve our customers with the best customer advice about the affordable RV covers on sale on our website. At RV Covers Protect you will always save money because there is free shipping for customers who purchase all Goldline travel trailer RV covers who live in the contiguous, continental United States. 

To watch a video that shows you the main features of this truly versatile Goldline RV cover, please click here

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