Ridgeline Support Pole System for boats

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Ridgeline Support Pole System for boats
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So you’ve placed your boat cover on your boat for the off season and you are proud of the investment you made to protect your boat. There is only one problem with this plan. The captain's seat and the windshield sit up higher than the furniture and the sides of the boat. This creates a gap between the two areas that will collect the rain & snow and eventually tear the boat cover. After the first rain or snow fall when you check your boat cover you discover that you have a several small but heavy pools of water and debris that are pulling your boat cover down. It might surprise you how much water the water resistant boat cover will hold and how heavy this water is. It is so heavy that it makes it very difficult to empty the water without getting the entire boat wet. When the boat gets wet again, you will need to dry the boat out before the boat cover is replaced so that there is no moisture under the boat cover that will cause mold or mildew to develop. After that experience you will truly believe that a boat cover support system is needed so that this water pooling problem does not happen again.

The Ridgeline Support Pole System lifts and supports a protective boat cover over the highest point on your marine vessel. The boat cover support system includes a telescopic pole that adjusts from 20" to 48", a 1" nylon webbing strap to form a ridge under the cover to prevent standing water, and 2 stainless steel, rust resistant hooks that attach to the transom. This boat cover support system fits boats up to 28' long. This system will prevent rain water from forming pools of water that will put stress on your boat cover, eventually causing the boat cover to tear.

At RV Covers Protect, it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive Taylor made boat cover support system when you can save money with the Ridgeline pole system. Even if you find it necessary to create a homemade telescopic pole support system it is important that you form a ridge at a higher point than that of the Captain’s seat or boat windshield so that the rain water slides efficiently off the cover. 

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